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With UN help Nigeria finishes gathering census data

With help from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Nigeria has finished gathering data in its first census in 15 years following a two-day extension to ensure universal coverage of the head count in the total tally.The massive undertaking aims to determine the number of people living in Africa’s most populous country. UNFPA had census monitoring staff on the ground in 21 of 36 Nigerian states during the weeklong census.“The Nigerian Government has demonstrated its commitment to conducting a fair and accurate census of its population,” said Niangoran Essan, UNFPA Representative in Nigeria, pledging further support to ensure the success of the undertaking.In addition to providing training to Nigerian staffers and other support, UNFPA helped to channel funding for a radio and television advertising campaign to raise awareness about the census. The agency also provided technical assistance for the website of the National Population Commission.More Government officers will be trained in how to appropriately analyze the data generated during the census to assist the country in future socio-economic planning, said Osaretin Adonri, UNFPA’s Abuja-based National Programme Officer for Monitoring and Evaluation. read more

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