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This Is What It Means To Be A VIP At Fool’s Paradise

first_imgLoad remaining images Aside from the stellar lineup, one thing that makes Fool’s Paradise so special is the intimacy. From the small amphitheatre in St. Augustine to the one-on-one time between artists and fans, the two-day Florida vacation is more than just a musical event. From artist-led excursions to late-night shows at the Elk’s Lodge, there’s nothing quite like Fool’s Paradise.The only thing better than attending as a fan is going as a VIP. The Fool’s Paradise VIP program will have you stylin’ from the moment you check in through your first #TBT memories. The golden wristband will: provide you with priority access to the pit area in front of the stage and to the reserved searing area in front of the soundboard. Note: the rest of the venue is all General Admission, so this reserved seating is prime.On Saturday evening, there will be an exclusive happy hour with the bands. This is your chance to ask them anything, give them a cheers or high-five, and take as many photos as you’d like. This lineup is more than willing to spend time with their fans and are excited for this opportunity to become friends.Your VIP wristband will also give you discounted alcoholic beverages in a private tiki bar area. Lines are never an issue here! You will also receive an official AJ Masthay original print Fool’s Paradise poster and t-shirt.Whether you prefer to watch the show from the pit area in front of the stage or the reserved VIP seating area in front of the soundboard, you get first access to both. Add discounted alcoholic beverages, exclusive happy hour with the bands, and an official Fool’s Paradise poster and t-shirt, and you’re golden! Check out the gallery below for a taste of what it’s like to fly VIP with Fool’s Paradise. For more information, head here.One (1) 2-Day VIP Ticket ($212.50):Priority Access to Pit Area & SeatingDiscounted BeveragesExclusive Happy Hour with ArtistsFool’s Paradise Poster & T-ShirtLooking for places to stay?“Fools For Love” Hotel VIP Packages are still available, which include 2-Day VIP ticket(s) to show (for each person in package), free access to the late-night shows, priority access to pit area and seating, discounted beverages, exclusive happy hour with artists, and a very special Fool’s Paradise poster & t-shirt designed by AJ Masthay. You can purchase the Hotel “Fool For Love” VIP package here.There is also a “Fools For Trees” VIP Camping Package, which includes 2-Day VIP ticket(s) to show (for each person in package), campsite for 4 persons with parking for 2 vehicles, free access to the late-night shows, priority access to pit area and seating, discounted beverages, exclusive happy hour with artists, and a very special Fool’s Paradise poster & t-shirt designed by AJ Masthay. You can purchase the Camping “Fool For Trees” VIP package here.last_img read more

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Latest scams come as voicemail

first_imgEveryone knows to be on the lookout for phony emails, especially at work. Scammers can easily make messages that appear to come from anywhere, from your boss’s account to the office printer. But what about voicemail? New voice-mimicking software is now being used by scammers to create convincing voicemail messages. The BBB says the scam starts when you get a voicemail from your boss. They are instructing you to wire thousands of dollars to a vendor for a rush project. The request is out of the blue. But it’s the boss’s orders, so you make the transfer. A few hours later, you see your boss and confirm that you sent the payment. But there’s one big problem, your manager has no idea what you are talking about. It turns out that the message was a fake. Scammers used new technology to mimic your boss’s voice and create the recording. This “voice cloning” technology has recently advanced to the place where anyone with the right software can clone a voice from a very small audio sample.  Businesses may be the first places to see this con, but it likely won’t stop there. The technology could also be used for emergency scams, which prey on people’s willingness to send money to a friend or relative in need.  Also, with the US now in the midst of the 2020 election season, scammers could use the technology to mimic candidates’ voices and drum up “donations.” How to Avoid a Business Compromise Scam: Secure accounts: Set up multifactor authentication for email logins and other changes in email settings. Be sure to verify changes in information about customers, employees, or vendors. Train staff: Create a secure culture at your office by training employees on internet security. Make it a policy to confirm all change and payment requests before making a transfer. Don’t rely on email or voicemail.last_img read more

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