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Project Tuhura is a MegaYacht Straight From the Future

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Oceanco, a manufacturer of luxury custom yachts, has unveiled its latest project: the Tuhura. It’s a whopping 377 feet long, making it among the longest yachts in the world. It’s also got a bizarre, futuristic look, wholly inspired by science fiction and one of the most efficient nautical designs in history — an early Polynesian dugout canoe.The project was shown off at last week’s Dubai international boat show. The name is taken from the Maori word for exploration and discovery.“Our Tuhura is a simple idea,” says designer Igor Lobanov. “The thought was to take a natural shape similar to those seen in the earliest canoe-type craft and enlarge it multifold to a larger scale, using modern technology.”AdChoices广告Indeed, Oceanco’s packed the yacht with all kinds of new materials and tech. Massive semi-translucent windows that run along the hull allow those inside to see out, without revealing the insides. It’s also built to adjust to the tastes and preferences of its guests, automatically adjusting things like room temperature.It should also be an excellent ship in its own right, at least according to the firm responsible for its naval engineering, BMT Nigel Cree. “It has low overall resistance, good seakeeping, and excellent maneuverability,” BMT spokesperson James Roy said. “There is a synergy between the efficiency of the canoe hull form, and that of the propulsion system, leading to a yacht which marries an evolutionary simple hull with an evolutionary advanced propulsion system.”The innards are also remarkable. Fashioned by Italian architect Achille Salvagni, the interior also takes cues from cultures of the Pacific Islands.01-tuhura-115-nologo-living-101-tuhura-115-nologo-living-1Credit: Oceanco01-tuhura-115-nologo-living-201-tuhura-115-nologo-owner-s-cabin-501-tuhura-115-nologo-owner-s-cabin-401-tuhura-115-nologo-living-3dp118-tuhura-exterior-3dp118-tuhura-exterior-4dp118-tuhura-exterior-2dp118-tuhura-exterior-1Credit: Oceanco“Tuhura is a mega yacht conceived for a dynamic owner. Nevertheless, the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics,” Salvagni told luxury goods outlet Robb Report. “This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.”Now I’m a bit wary of using the word “primitive” in general, but especially when the goal is to mimic the designs and art of cultures that are typically looked down upon. It’s also very, very likely that the folks behind this project didn’t give a huge kickback to the folks from whom they are borrowing. Aaaand it’s a little hard to separate out the fact that many Polynesian islands will soon be underwater because of the ludicrous overconsumption of the hyper-wealthy — at least in part.So it definitely comes off as a double-middle-finger to the cultures they’re taking from, but I digress.This definitely looks cool, and I’d love to see all the tech and engineering specs because I, like most geeks, love to geek out about such things. But, it’s also impossible to report on climate science all the time and not think about it when such obvious examples of excess are readily present.That said, I do hope one of the buyer’s names it Boaty McBoatface. I just… need to see that — a pristine luxury liner emblazoned with the greatest name a seaworthy vessel will ever have. I mean it’s been that and Sotally Tober.photos via oceancoyacht.com Stay on targetlast_img read more

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