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Bits n Pieces Scary good program set at Magenta

first_imgWhen he was young, Jay Fredericks used to love watching his dad do a trick with a stick lined with red gemstones.His dad, who was a master hypnotist, would wave his hand over the stones, and all of a sudden, they’d change colors.Fredericks, who lives in Vancouver, would examine the stick for hours, and never found batteries or secret switches that would make the stones change. But it didn’t frustrate him, rather it gave him a lifelong love of magic and visual trickery.“My dad, he could hypnotize an entire party,” Fredericks said. “It was amazing. It instilled in me a love of all those kinds of things — magic and mind control.”But it wasn’t until Fredericks, 50, was in his 30s that he started to try his own hand at it — after watching Israeli illusionist Uri Geller on TV.“It reminded me of all that stuff my dad used to do when I was a boy,” Fredericks said. “So I trained myself.”Usually magicians learn from a mentor, but Fredericks started out by simply reading as much about it as he could, he said. He began with performing tricks for his family, but it wasn’t long before he got picked up for his first professional gigs, and from there his act just grew.“I would perform for businesses, parties, but I also did a lot of free shows for adult foster care groups and places like that,” Fredericks said. “And after a while, I found the local magic clubs, which I was surprised to find in this area.”last_img read more

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