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27000 London police computers still run Windows XP

first_imgThere’s a lot of old stuff in England like Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Tower of London. There are also thousands of police computers that still run Windows XP.Yes, the proud men and women who keep the streets of London safe are still pointing and clicking through an OS that first went on sale 15 years ago. More worryingly, it’s also an OS that Microsoft officially ended support for back in 2014.Things probably aren’t as bad as they look at first glance, though. It’s all but certain that the Metropolitan Police have a nice, pricey custom support plan in place that pays Microsoft several hundred dollars per machine to keep those systems on life support just a little bit longer.And they have at least started working on their updates. Over the past year, they bumped approximately 8,000 machines from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. Wait, Windows 8.1?That’s right. Rather than option for the reliable, battle-hardened Windows 7 or Microsoft’s most up-to-date and secure OS, Windows 10, the London Metropolitan Police have chosen to upgrade their machines to an OS that Microsoft clearly didn’t want anyone using any more — and one that will stop receiving mainstream support in just two more years.By then they might be finished upgrading, considering they plan to have another 8,000 done by the end of next month. At least they’ll have a few more years of extended support before they have to pay Microsoft for another custom agreement for continued protection of their Windows 8.1 machines.Clearly they learned nothing from watching The IT Crowd.Image via Per Gosche/flickrlast_img read more

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