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Amazon starts ordering tablet components

first_imgAccording to DigiTimes, Amazon has started placing orders for components to build its own tablet computer.So far two orders are thought to have been placed. The first is with Quanta Computer which produces components and finished products in the categories of laptops, smartphones, servers, digital TVs, and the OLPC. The second order is with E Ink for a touchscreen display.AdChoices广告Amazon already has a well-established relationship with E Ink as the company provides the displays for the Kindle. Turning to them again for an LCD touch panel is the obvious choice as that relationship has clearly been going well.We won’t have to wait long to get our hands on an Amazon tablet either. Quanta is expecting to ship in the second half of this year, with a projected 800,000 units being made available. As for where this leaves Kindle, it is expected that Amazon will continue to drop the price of the device so as to clearly differentiate the two products.via DigiTimesMatthew’s OpinionOf all the non-hardware focused companies out there, Amazon is in the best position to ship its own tablet. The company already has the experience of selling millions of Kindles under its belt, so moving up to a 7 or 10-inch tablet shouldn’t be hard, and Jeff Bezos has clearly been pushing ahead with services to support such a device.Amazon now has an Android app store all of its own, telling us what this tablet will be running as an OS. It has its own established digital music, streaming video, and e-book stores. And most importantly, millions of existing customers around the world it can sell this device to with incentives through the Amazon sites worldwide.Dropping the price of the Kindle will make it a clearly different product category to the Amazon tablet. If you want to read books there’s a very cheap, long-life Kindle available, most likely for well below $100 soon. Then, if you want a feature-packed tablet experience you buy the more expensive Amazon tablet safe in the knowledge Amazon will support it with lots of content.While we don’t know any specifics about this tablet yet, we’d bet serious money Amazon will be matching, if not undercutting the price of the iPad 2 from launch.last_img read more

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