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Apple to launch iOS 5 TVs this year

first_imgIn the entertainment business Apple is a key player by both providing the hardware to watch and listen to content as well as operating the most popular digital content distribution service in the world. But its reach may soon go beyond smartphones, tablets, and computers. According to one former Apple executive, the company is hoping your next TV purchase will carry an Apple logo too.The exectuive wishes to remain anonymous, but has stated that Apple is looking to release a range of TVs that run on iOS later this year. That means iOS 5 and access to the App Store and iTunes on the big screen from the comfort of your sofa.AdChoices广告In so doing, Apple would effectively bypass all other services targeting your TV screen such as Netflix, Xbox Live, and cable networks in general. By giving you a TV with access to its own digital store out the box, why would you need to go anywhere else for content?Rather than developing a line of TVs on its own Apple is expected to partner with an established TV manufacturer that already has the links into retail and the factories to make the sets. That way Apple could sell the TVs through its own stores and online while also seeing them appear at the more typical home electronics outlets. At the same time, the partner would benefit from a potentially lucrative manufacturing contract with Apple even though it is competing against it at retail with its own products.Although the ex-Apple exectuive believes we could see the TVs announced in September alongside the iPhone 5, it could be next year before they appear if development doesn’t go according to plan. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard suggestion of Apple building their own TV with talk of a “smart TV” in development earlier this year.Read more at DailyTechMatthew’s OpinionIf Apple released a line of TVs it would effectively just be integrating the AppleTV device directly into the set. I can see why they would consider doing this as it would mean you could get your TV from an Apple Store rather than going somewhere else after buying the plug-in device.I’m sure there is a market there for people who want an Apple TV, but I doubt Apple would be willing to compete on price with the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba to name but a few. Profit margins are tight on TVs, and Apple isn’t known for offering budget price points. TVs could be a tough sell to even the most loyal Apple fans.last_img read more

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