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Kindle Whispernet gets around Chinas censorious firewall

first_imgA small but sizable chunk of the world wide web is unaccessible from behind the Great Wall of China… and that chunk of web is mostly devoted to letting users connect and talk with each other. That’s right: Facebook and Twitter are inaccessible in China, due to their censorious firewall. But there’s one way to subvert that: buy a Kindle.The deft feat is accomplished by the Kindle 3G Whispernet service. Whispernet is a GSM-based communication system, so it should be subject to the same rules as the regular Chinese internet, but for some reason, it isn’t. That means that anyone who owns a Kindle in China can easily weave around the Great Firewall, at least as far as Twitter and Facebook are concerned.AdChoices广告Not that owning a Kindle within China is necessarily easy: the Kindle isn’t actually available for sale within China. Nevertheless, if you can smuggle one inside the nation, the Kindle goes from being a nifty e-book reader to a subversive, counter-culture device.Ultimately, what this probably all boils down to is that the Kindle roams its Whispernet outside of the country when it’s in China. Or at least we hope that’s the case, because if it is, Chinese authorities can’t lock the Kindle down. Now that the matter’s been publicized, expect the Kindle to be shut down hard for every Chinese dissident in the coming days.Read more at Gizmodolast_img read more

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