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UGP: Although the ministries promised to finally solve the problem of leasing interest this week, it did not happen

first_imgAfter the first general entrepreneurial protest in Croatia, the talks deepened, and leasing companies were invited to joint meetings. The PPP and UGP initiative presented proposals according to which all three parties involved (carriers, leasing companies and the Government) would share the burden of this crisis. All involved agreed that the problem can only be resolved in tripartite. It was agreed that the final meeting would take place this week at which everything would be finally agreed. Photo: HonkForHope At last week’s meeting at the Ministry of Tourism, it was agreed that all parties involved would prepare documents with proposals for resolving the problem of high interest rates on leases.   It has been two and a half months since the UGP and the Occasional Passenger Transport Initiative pointed out the incorrect behavior of leasing companies towards their clients. Only after two protests by occasional carriers in eight Croatian cities, the Ministries decided to finally break the silence and start a dialogue in order to find a solution to the satisfaction of all involved, according to the UGP and point out the whole chronology.  “I still hope that these were not empty promises and that we will get an invitation to a meeting and finally end the agony in which the occasional transport carriers found themselves. I still want to believe that pre-election activities are not more important than micro and small entrepreneurs, which represent a branch without which tourism in the Republic of Croatia could not function. Instead of a solution on the table, we currently have a path to ruin without the possibility of a return. Too much time is wasted. Is it possible that this is our end? After two Thursdays we didn’t spend protesting, is it considered that we got tired and gave up, that the fire was put out? I wouldn’t bet on that.” said Marko Slišković from the PPP Initiative.center_img The Association of Leasing Companies, the PPP Initiative and the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association complied with the agreement, while the Government turned a deaf ear because they did not convene a meeting this week, the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association (UGP) points out. every day makes a difference in the attempt at existential survival. The proposals were compiled by the carriers, the association of leasing companies and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and submitted to the ministries as agreed, but the Government has not voted yet, and there is only one working day left for the meeting. “Is the Government of the Republic of Croatia really leaving 20 people at the mercy of foreign leasing companies? Thousands of families are heading for ruin, but the government clearly believes it has more important work to do at the moment. The ruling party is dealing with pre-election calculations, while their voters, whose votes they think they can count on, have been called into question by their bare existence.. ” he concluded Tomislav Kovač from the PPP Initiative.last_img read more

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