Guatemalan President Proposes Reforms to Combat Corruption

first_img On March 12, Guatemalan President Otto Pérez proposed a package of eleven laws directed toward tightening controls on the handling of public funds and combating various forms of corruption, such as smuggling. “It’s a package of laws directed toward strengthening the institutional position (of the state), transparency, and the quality of public spending,” the president stated upon arriving at the seat of Congress together with Finance Minister Pavel Centeno. The president explained that the proposal is the second phase of the so-called Fiscal Pact, one of his chief campaign promises. The package consists in the modification of seven existing laws and the creation of four others, focused on improving the monitoring of public funds, for which purpose basic guidelines are given about how to handle them. The first phase, called Tax Updating, was passed by Congress on February 16 and seeks to increase tax collections by around 585 million dollars over the next four years. The new presidential proposal includes reforms to a series of laws related to the budget, the integrity of public officials, illicit enrichment, state purchases and contracts, and auditing activities, among others. looking for a good President, and especially on legalization of Medicine of plants, coca, opium, plants of God give us for personal possession, and with taxes. By Dialogo March 14, 2012last_img

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