SelfDriving Volvo Trucks Ready to Work the Mines

first_img Volvo Trucks inked its first-ever commercial autonomous vehicle deal with Norwegian mining firm Brønnøy Kalk AS.Six self-driving Volvo FH trucks will carry limestone along a three-mile route between an open pit mine and nearby port.Don’t be fooled by the short journey from mine to crusher: These high-tech lorries must navigate tunnels and outdoor environments without anyone behind the wheel.(via Volvo Trucks)“It is exciting to reach this point,” Sasko Cuklev, director of autonomous solutions at Volvo Trucks, said in a statement.“By working in a confined area on a predetermined route, we can find out how to get the best out of the solution and tailor it according to specific customer needs,” he continued. “This is all about collaborating to develop new solutions, providing greater flexibility and efficiency as well as increased productivity.”Initial testing has proved successful, and will continue through the year; the autonomous transportation system is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2019.“This is an important step for us,” Raymond Langfjord, managing director of the mine, said.“We are continuously looking to increase our efficiency and productivity long-term,” he continued. “Going autonomous will greatly increase our competitiveness in a tough global market.”(via Volvo Trucks)Rather than purchasing individual autonomous trucks, Brønnøy Kalk is “buying a transport solution”—specifically, the shipment of limestone between two hubs. The firm pays per ton delivered.“Global transport needs are continuously changing at a very high pace and the industry is demanding new and advanced solutions to stay ahead,” according to Volvo Trucks President Claes Nilsson. “Our aim is to be the leader of the development of products and services to respond to these demands.”More coverage on Autonomous Car Still Not Ready for Prime TimeVolvo’s Cars and Semis Can Now Talk To Each OtherPeople Prefer Driverless Cars Hit Animals, the Elderly Stay on target Help NASA Develop Autonomous RoversU.S. Army To Test Remote-Controlled Combat Vehicles last_img

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