Dragon Ball Fashion Debuts from Japanese Brand Galaxxxy

first_imgYou can purchase the Dragon Ball x Galaxxxy collection from Galaxxxy’s Japanese website. If you aren’t confident with your 日本語 yet, you can always try using a shopping service like Noppin or FromJapan. This Dragon Ball fashion collection’s level is totally over 9000!In honor of the 30th anniversary of one of the most ubiquitous anime to ever power up our hearts, Japanese fashion label Galaxxxy has collaborated with the super Saiyans to bring us nerds this awesome range of outfits from the Dragon Ball series over the years.Son Goku Super Saiyan Shirt. 5,800 yen.Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack shirt. 5,800 yen.Dodoria shirt. 5,800yen.Saibamen shirt. 5,800 yen.Later this month, Galaxxxy will also release these two awesome jackets as part of this collection.Hold on to your Dragon balls, because this sukajan style bomber jacket with the legendary Shenron embroidered onto it looks totally amazing.Get the cool look of Cell with this windbreaker that emulates the time travelling warrior’s skin!Dragon Ball is a manga series created by Akira Toriyama, starting in 1984, and inspired by the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The anime series was broadcast in Japan from 1986 to 1996, with subsequent sequel series Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball Z following it. The manga is currently licensed for English release by Viz Media, with Funimation licensing the English language versions of the anime.Dragon Ball follows the adventures of Son Goku starting from when he was a child and up until he becomes an adult, as he trains to become the strongest in the universe and searches for the seven legendary Dragon Balls. Once collected, the balls will summon the dragon Shenron who will grant the collector a wish. Toy Tuesday: 11 Most Powerful ‘Dragon Ball’ ToysGeeksplainer: ‘Dragon Ball’ center_img Stay on targetlast_img

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