Find Out if the Dog Dies Before You Watch a Movie

first_img Geek Pick: Fi Smart Dog Collar Sniffs Out Your PetMan Saves Dog Left Tied to Electrical Cord on Side of Interstate Overpass We all have that one friend who can’t bear to watch a movie where an animal dies (me, for example). And yeah, I get the real world is hard, and we shouldn’t shelter ourselves blah blah, but look. I’ve seen some shit and maybe when I chillax for the night, I don’t want to see cute stuff dying. Also, content warning for mentions of a lot of rough stuff. That’s the idea behind It’s essentially a website that logs lots of information about various movies and shows and crowdsources answers on basic triggers. Some people (also me) really can’t stomach seeing torture on-screen. Others hate nail-pulling or anything with teeth, or whatever. The idea here is that if you’re looking to sit down for a good movie, you can do a quick scan (obviously with loads of spoilers). But it will let you know if it’s going to be something you can snuggle up with, or one that might need to be consumed alongside two gallons of hot chocolate and a giant baggie of marshmallows. The top movies currently include Avengers: Infinity War (no, no dead dogs), The Meg (also no), and… uhhh…. John Wick. Which… yeah. We shouldn’t even mention that anymore lest alternate-reality Wick pops out of a screen and murders me six ways to Sunday for even thinking about his pooch.Unfortunately, as of yet the database is pretty fresh, so there isn’t too much data on each film/show/book/game, but that’s part of the jam. As it gets more coverage, more people use it and it becomes more useful. And given just how many people I know from all different walks of life really want to have some idea about specific shit in a movie like… well whether or not the dog dies, this is a pretty good resource to keep your eye on. But yeah. Trillions of spoilers. So… mega-warning there.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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