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Alarm and Security Technician Trade Gets Qualification Certificate

first_imgNova Scotians who have substantial experience working in the alarm and security trade will now have the option to gain recognition for those skills through a certification process. The Department of Labour and Workforce Development in partnership with industry and the Canadian Security Association, introduced a new provincial certificate of qualification examination, today, June 13. Tradespeople who have 9,000 hours or 4.5 years of hands-on experience working in the trade can write the certification exam without completing a full apprenticeship program. “We are taking steps to make it easier for Nova Scotia’s tradespeople to become certified,” Mark Parent, Minister of Labour and Workforce Development. “I encourage all skilled tradespeople working in the alarm and security industry to write this exam. The more certified journeypersons we have in this province, the more apprentices we can train.” To qualify, tradespeople will have to produce references from two individuals in the trade. “The alarm and security technician exam is a critical step toward raising the standard for the installation of electronic security systems in Nova Scotia,” said Dan Small, chair of the Canadian Security Association’s government relations committee in Nova Scotia. “These highly skilled certified journeypersons will help build a skilled workforce to meet Nova Scotia’s growing security needs.” The cost associated with applying for and writing the alarm and security technician exam will be reduced for the first 18 months at a fee of $130.97. The regular fee of $654.86 will be reinstated on November 30, 2009.last_img read more

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Government Supports Sustainable Transportation in the Valley

first_imgGovernment is supporting three sustainable transportation projects in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Kings South MLA Keith Irving, on behalf of Energy Minister Michel Samson, announced support at an event today, Sept. 21 at Eaves Hollow Trail Head in Kentville. Greater promotion of Kentville’s existing active sustainable transportation, a new T-trail in Windsor and design of a new ring trail are all funded through the province’s sustainable transportation grant program, Connect2. “Projects like these promote active living and help make our communities more vibrant and more livable,” said Mr. Irving. “All three of these important projects are community driven by dedicated staff and volunteers, and government is pleased to come to the table as a partner.” Government is providing $20,000 to the Town of Kentville to promote existing active transportation resources in the town and encourage use of the local rails-to-trails system. The project includes signage at trail heads and greenspaces, as well as directional signs on the main roads. “Kentville is home to many great walking and cycling trails that take you from one end of town to the other, and many points in between,” said Kentville Mayor Dave Corkum. “Ensuring people know where our recreation facilities are, and how to easily move between them, allows us to make the most of our resources and promote them to residents and visitors alike.” Mr. Irving also announced a $24,000 grant to the Town of Windsor to begin the first phase of the Tregothic Rail Trail Connection, a new T-shaped trail that connects communities with schools, recreation facilities, the local hospital and more. “This trail project will serve people of all ages in our Town and provides connectivity to schools, playgrounds and communities, all within safe walking distance,” said Windsor Mayor Paul Beazley. “Government’s support for such healthy and vibrant endeavours is very much appreciated.” Government is also providing a $10,000 grant to the town of Berwick for the design of a new trail that circles the town. The trail will connect people to the fitness and sport complex, the community health centre, school, and many other points. “The Town of Berwick and surrounding areas have several recreation trails, but few with destinations,” said Mayor Don Clarke. “Designing and building this ring trail will connect people to important places within our community – and to one another.” Connect2, launched in May, aims to create and promote active transportation options for trips of two kilometres or less between community hubs in rural and urban parts of the province. More projects will be announced in the coming weeks, and all will be completed by March 10, 2016. For more information, visit .last_img read more

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Woman takes federal border agency to court after trustedtraveller pass pulled

first_imgOTTAWA — A woman says her father’s poor memory, not a desire to skirt the rules, resulted in Canadian authorities cancelling her trusted-traveller card after she allegedly failed to declare several thousand dollars in cash at the border.Mei Dong, a Chinese citizen with permanent-resident status in Canada, is asking a court to rule that she has not breached the law against money-laundering and terrorist-financing.She also wants a declaration that the Canada Border Services Agency acted unlawfully in revoking her membership in the Nexus program, which helps travellers move more quickly between Canada and the United States.The dispute is playing out in Federal Court as the House of Commons considers a bill to create a new watchdog aimed at resolving beefs against the border agency more efficiently.Dong’s allegations have not been proven in court and federal officials have yet to file a response. But her statement of claim says her problems began in August 2018 upon returning to Canada after a family trip to Austria. She was there with her father, who lives in China.Before she left, Dong’s father gave her two envelopes and told her one contained US$3,000 and the other US$6,700.She says her father put US$3,000 in one of the envelopes so she could return it to a colleague back in Canada. The colleague had previously given the money to her father during a trip with her family to China to thank him for generously hosting them.As they were good friends, her father felt he could not accept the gift, and gave his daughter the money when they were together in Europe so she could return it to her colleague.Upon arriving at the Toronto airport, Dong, 36, declared that she was carrying currency worth more than $10,000 in Canadian funds, a requirement under the law.During a secondary customs examination, a border officer asked why she had US$12,735 — more than the US$9,700 she had declared.Dong says the officer seized the currency and her Nexus membership card without giving her a chance to explain. The money was later returned to Dong on condition she pay a $250 fine but her Nexus card was subsequently cancelled.Dong, who worked for a global management-consulting firm at the time, appealed the officer’s actions to the border agency’s internal reviewers, insisting it was all a misunderstanding.She says that due to her father’s “old age and poor memory,” he did not remember he had already placed US$3,000, intended for Dong’s colleague, in the other envelope containing the US$6,700. As a result, he gave his daughter twice the amount he had wanted to return, in two separate envelopes.“As Ms. Dong trusts her father, she accepted what she was told were the amounts contained in the two envelopes without questioning or counting the amount herself,” the statement of claim says.She argues the officer unreasonably refused to exercise his discretion to extend her the benefit of the doubt.In February, the border agency’s recourse directorate rejected her appeal of both the currency and Nexus-card rulings.Dong, however, insists she fulfilled her obligation to report the importation of currency exceeding the legal limit at “every opportunity.”“Ms. Dong never attempted to conceal the amount she was carrying.”—Follow @JimBronskill on TwitterJim Bronskill , The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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The Elders Welcome Myanmars New Civilian Government

first_imgThe Elders warmly welcome the assumption of office by Myanmar’s new civilian government led by the National League for Democracy (NLD), following its electoral success last year.The Chair of The Elders, Kofi Annan, said:“This is a landmark moment for the country.“We are heartened by the commitment of President U Htin Kyaw and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the NLD leader and new Foreign Minister, to peace and reconciliation; we encourage the NLD to continue working with other national partners to sustain an inclusive political dialogue as the country moves forward.”The Elders also wish to acknowledge the contributions made by the outgoing Thein Sein government and the military authorities to ensuring a smooth transition.The Elders will continue to support the people of Myanmar; they look forward to engaging with the new government and other national stakeholders as they shape their democratic future.last_img read more

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Will LA mean LeBron behind the scenes and on the big screen

first_imgLOS ANGELES, Calif. – “Space Jam 2?” A whole new “House Party” franchise?With the leadership of LeBron James, anything is possible.As James comes from Cleveland to Los Angeles looking to take the Lakers to more championships with a blockbuster $154 million contract announced this week, he could also push those two 1990s properties closer to reality and go from part-time presence to major player in Hollywood.James hasn’t yet spoken about his plans for Los Angeles. But if he wants to, he’s already shown he can act, and not just in that good-for-an-athlete way.His one real film role, playing himself in the 2015 Amy Schumer film “Trainwreck,” directed by Judd Apatow, won big raves.The Associated Press’ Lindsey Bahr called him “a comedic revelation.” Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post said he showed “expert, deadpan timing.”James’ co-stars agreed.“He was really good. Like everything with him it was very effortless,” said Bill Hader, who played the movie’s male lead with James as his sidekick and previously acted with James when he hosted “Saturday Night Live.” ”He’s always listening. I know actors that don’t listen, they’re just waiting to say their line. He listened.”Hader said there was frequent improvisation on “Trainwreck,” and LeBron easily kept up with the sketch comedy pros like Hader.“You’ll never believe this, but he was super confident,” Hader told the AP with a laugh by phone from the Toronto set of the film “It 2.”“But not cocky,” Hader added.“I remember Chris Rock was on set and rattled off a line suggestion really fast for LeBron, and LeBron said it back during the scene verbatim,” Hader said. “I remember thinking, “I can’t do that.”He wouldn’t be the first Laker to try acting. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal had their share of famous, and infamous roles. And Kobe Bryant ended up with an unlikely Academy Award for an animated short based on a poem he wrote about basketball.Whether or not he appears on screen, James has already begun a major media career that can only get a boost from LA.Gone are the days when athletes had to be in a major market to make it in film and television, as James himself has shown through his years building his brand in Cleveland.But there’s nothing like face-time for becoming a force in Hollywood.James and his business partner Maverick Carter have a production company, SpringHill Entertainment, that has a deal with Warner Bros. and office space on the legendary movie company’s lot, where he could become a regular.“Certainly the proximity will make it easier for LeBron personally to be part of future projects,” said David Schwab, an executive vice-president at Octagon, a global sports and entertainment marketing and management firm. “The advantage of a market like New York, Los Angeles and Golden State is the ability to have coffee, lunch or dinner daily” with key decision makers. “In a smaller market you don’t get those consistent opportunities,” he said.Schwab said James’ partners at Warner Bros. and elsewhere are most likely “excited that he’s in Los Angeles as they could possibly use LeBron personally to close business deals with future partners of their own.”James, via SpringHill and his digital film company Uninterrupted has already brought some projects to big and small screens, with many more in the works. Here are some highlights:— “Space Jam 2.” The idea of James reviving the 1996 movie starring another candidate for greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, has been in circulation for several years. The movie with Jordan battling animated aliens alongside Bugs Bunny and his Warner Bros. cartoon buddies brought mixed reviews and eyerolls at the time, but has become a cult classic. Justin Lin of the “Fast & Furious” films has been attached as director.— “House Party.” Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori of “Atlanta” are writing a script that James and SpringHill hope will revive the franchise that starred Kid n’ Play and spawned three big-screen sequels from 1990 to 1994.— “Smallfoot.” James will have another chance to show off his comic chops as the voice of a skeptical yeti in Warner Bros’ animated film.— “Now We’re Talking.” A digital comedy series on Uninterrupted that features two rival professional football quarterbacks who become broadcasters and frequent pro athlete cameos is about to enter its second season.— SpringHill is also producing several more television projects including the game shows “The Wall” and “Do or Dare” and “Rise Up,” a documentary about the civil rights movement for the History Channel.___Follow Andrew Dalton on Twitter: .last_img read more

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UN envoy reports no dates set for new meetings between Israelis Palestinians

Terje Roed-Larsen, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East, said there were no dates set for meetings between the two sides, including one planned between Israeli Foreign Minister Simon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, and another on security cooperation.Mr. Roed-Larsen met last night with President Arafat, who he said was quite focused and determined on ensuring the latest ceasefire held.

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UN chief welcomes agreement by rival leaders in South Sudan as a

President Salva Kiir, and his rival and former deputy, Riek Machar, reached an agreement in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, which according to reports, includes a ceasefire between government and opposition forces that is due to begin within 72 hours.Previous efforts to end fighting between the rival forces since 2013 around South Sudan have failed, leaving tens of thousands dead, and around four million either internally-displaced or forced to flee to neighbouring countries. The humanitarian crisis has left millions without enough to eat, and led to famine in parts of the country. In a statement issued by his Spokesman, UN chief António Guterres said that Wednesday’s agreement had been signed “at a time when the security situation in parts of South Sudan continues to deteriorate, marked by violations of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement of December 2017, with killings of civilians and other atrocities.”“He therefore, welcomes the Parties renewed commitment to redouble their efforts in the interest of peace,” the statement continued.Mr. Guterres also commended the continuing efforts of the so-called High Level Revitalization Forum which first met in December last year, under the auspices of the African regional development forum, known as IGAD. Together with the UN and the African Union, IGAD has been working for years to facilitate the peace process.“Welcoming the intention of the parties to continue negotiations to finalize the IGAD bridging proposals”, the statement from UN Headquarters in New York said, “the Secretary-General urges all parties to demonstrate the political leadership required at this critical juncture of the peace process and engage to reach agreement on the outstanding issues of governance and security arrangements.”The UN chief pledged to support the leadership and the people of South Sudan, read more

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MLB AllStar Weekend to Honor Negro Leagues Baseball

On Friday, July 8th, Major League Baseball players and fans will descend on Kansas City, Missouri, for All-Star Weekend. But what Bob Kendrick wants fans to remember are the Negro League baseball players like Buck O’Neil, who helped the Kansas City Monarchs rule the Negro Leagues for nearly five decades from the 1920s through the 1950s. The Kansas City Monarchs produced the great Satchel Paige and Jackie Robinson, before Robinson broke the color barrier in the Major Leagues. This history and more can be seen at the Negro Baseball League Museum (NLBM) in Kansas City, where Kendrick is president and the torch bearer for the institution.The legends of the NLBM and harbingers for many of the CC Sabathias and Matt Kemps (both supporters of the museum) of today. With NLBM’s vision to expand the organization and renovate the Paseo YMCA, where the Negro Baseball League was conceptualized, into the Buck O’Neil Education and Research Center, Kendrick is happy about the timeliness of the All-Star event being held in Kansas City, and sees it as an opportunity to ensure legends such as Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, and Cool Papa Bell are not spoke to Kendrick about the museum’s plans.What are you doing in preparation for this year’s All-Star weekend?Kendrick: We have a new featured exhibit titled “They Were All Stars,” which chronicles Negro League players that transitioned to the majors and subsequently became All Stars. This exhibit is free and open to the community, thanks to MLB and the Kansas City Royals’ partnership, helping everyone feel a part of the festivities even if they can’t afford to attend the game.Why is it important for people to support the NLBM?Kendrick: The reason it’s important is that these players should not only be celebrated for what they did in the face of adversity to play baseball, but also what they did for the advancement of American society. It’s a travesty that people can go through their education without knowing the story of the Negro leagues, but this museum was founded so that this history would not die with the last players.And how can they support?People can support through our licensing program, admissions, gift shop, membership, corporate partnership program, and our traveling exhibit. We anticipate reaping residual benefits from this special weekend.Source: Black Enterprise read more

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Help On Way For TWolves Kevin Love Ricky Rubio

Perhaps no team has been harder hit by injuries than the Minnesota Timberwolves, who finally got some encouraging news with point guard Ricky Rubio’s and all-star big man Kevin Love’s return to practice.It’s still going to be a while before Rubio, who tore the ACL in his left knee last season, can join them in games. But just seeing him a little closer to a return is one of the first health positives this injury-plagued team has seen this season.Rubio has started to do some light 5-on-none work in practice for the Timberwolves, his first on-court work in the long, grueling rehabilitation process.Meanwhile, Love, who has yet to play this season because of a broken right hand, also joined in the instructional portions of practice on Sunday — a welcomed sight for a team that has played the last three games with just nine players.”Just having them five-on-(none) gives you a sense that when you get them back we’ll be pretty good,” coach Rick Adelman said after practice. ”We can’t wait for them. We have to go out there and play. But it gives us a sense.”Love is expected back at the start of December, while Rubio is hopeful to return to game action sometime in the middle of next month.Rubio was injured in a game against the Lakers on March 9. Losing him coincided with several other injuries to turn a promising season south in a hurry, and the bad luck has followed the Wolves into this season. Love broke his hand less than two weeks before opening night. Chase Budinger is out three to four months after having surgery on his left knee and Nikola Pekovic (sprained left ankle), J.J. Barea (sprained left foot) and Brandon Roy (sore right knee) have all suffered injuries.Roy will undergo arthoscopic surgery on his knee, which is an ominous sign for a player who retired two years ago because of knee injuries. read more

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Mens Hockey Ohio State ends season with 20 loss to Denver in

Junior forward Tanner Lacyzinski (9) skates with the puck in the first period of game one during Ohio State’s hockey game vs. Michigan State on March 1. Ohio State won 5-1. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternThe Ohio State men’s hockey team’s season is over after losing 2-0 in a low scoring game against Denver in the NCAA West Regional Semifinals.In what was one of the lowest scoring games of the season for the Buckeyes, Ohio State (20-11-5, 13-7-4 Big Ten), a No. 3 seed in the NCAA tournament, was not able to crack the defense of Denver (23-11-5), resulting in its third loss in a row and the end of its season. Ohio State’s head coach Steve Rohlik was upset after what he described as a disappointing end to the season.“We knew the team that’s good first was probably going to get the upper-hand and we certainly had our chances there and it just didn’t work out the way we wanted to,” Rohlik said.The turning point in the match came nearly 40 minutes after the puck drop, when Denver put the first point on the scoreboard with 39.5 seconds left in the second period on a goal by senior defenseman Les Lancaster. Despite Ohio State getting its fourth power play of the match in the third period, the Buckeyes still couldn’t find an opening in Denver’s defense. With 1:30 left in the game, the Buckeyes replaced their goalie with another skater in an attempt to tie the match up and go into overtime. Denver managed to win the faceoff, however, and scored the game-sealing goal with 58.3 seconds to go.Ohio State finished the game outshooting the Pioneers 24-13. Despite the loss, senior forward Mason Jobst was proud of the Buckeyes’ aggressive performance in the first period.“I think going into the game, obviously, we know the style that they were playing and we were playing was going to be mainly defensive and 0-0: that’s what we expected,” Jobst said. “We had the upper hand in shots and we were keeping things simple. After [the first period] I thought we were feeling pretty good.”Senior defenseman Sasha Larocque said it was difficult to comprehend this being his final game in an Ohio State uniform.“We played that Carmen song after every game for the last four years so it was a little bit of a goodbye,” Larocque said. “It’s tough to accept that the best four years of your life are behind you, and you’re never going to throw this jersey on again and play a real game.” read more

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Grenfell fire Scotland Yard has reasonable grounds to suspect council of corporate

first_img“Gross negligence manslaughter carries a punishment of prison time, and I hope that the police and the CPS are considering charges of manslaughter caused by gross negligence.”Yvette Williams, a co-ordinator at the Justice 4 Grenfell campaign group, said the development would help restore trust between the police and the west London community. His comments are likely to fuel mounting frustration among survivors, who have already stated that their scepticism in Sir Martin’s ability to “do us justice”.  Commenting on the investigation, a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “This is a complex and far reaching investigation that by its very nature will take a considerable time to complete.”The Met has made a commitment to the families who lost loved ones in the fire and survivors that they will be kept updated, as far as we possibly can, as the investigation continues.”  Mr Lammy, who knew one of the victims of the blaze, said: “I am pleased that justice for Grenfell victims and families is being taken seriously by the Metropolitan Police and the CPS.”But the punishment for corporate manslaughter is a fine. A fine would not represent justice for the Grenfell victims and their families. Suspicion in the authorities has brewed following the fire, with many residents wary about the speed of their investigation.Ms Williams said: “I do think now police have made that statement that trust in the investigation process will grow.”We welcome that there is enough information and evidence to go down the corporate prosecution route for the TMO and RBKC. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Meanwhile, Grenfell survivors have called on the chair of the public inquiry, which is running alongside Scotland Yard’s criminal investigation, to bring charges against officials implicated in the disaster.However, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, chair of the inquiry, told a meeting gathered at Notting Hill Methodist Church on Wednesday that he had “no power” to bring about prosecutions in relation to the issue of criminal responsibility. And on Wednesday it was revealed that the council had been warned by the Fire Brigades Union in 2010 that building the Kensington Aldridge Academy – a secondary school at the base of Grenfell Tower – would create “huge difficulties” in the event of a fire.Commenting on the logistical difficulties faced by firefighters during the rescue operation, Lucy Masoud, a senior FBU official, said that changes to the area, “including the academy” should be included in the public inquiry. Welcoming the news, Samia Badani, a resident association chair of neighbouring tower block Bramley House said that it would reassure the community amid fears that their concerns were being ignored.New Kensington Council leader Elizabeth Campbell reacts to corporate manslaughter suspicions There are “reasonable grounds” to suspect that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and its Tenant Management Organisation committed corporate manslaughter, Scotland Yard announced yesterday.In a letter circulated to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, the Force confirmed that officers had notified the council that they may be charged for their role in the blaze which left at least 80 people dead.The Justice 4 Grenfell campaign group said it hoped the statement was a “precursor” to individual arrests, adding: “Any arrests made will be seen by all those affected as tangible evidence that they are valued members of society and are being listened to.”Police do not have the power to arrest individuals under the offence of corporate manslaughter, but someone can face gross negligence manslaughter charges if a death may have been caused by an act or omission on their part.As part of the investigation, which has drafted in experts from the 9/11 terror attack and more than 200 Metropolitan Police officers, senior executives from both organisations will be formally interviewed.The update, which was sent to survivors yesterday afternoon, stated: “We have seized a huge amount of material and taken a large number of witness statements. “I’m very pleased, I think over the years we have had a very good relationship with local police and the relationship with the council is the opposite,” she said.”We are so bruised in the community that we needed some reassurances so it’s a step forward.”It comes more than a month after David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, accused the council of the offence, with senior executives in both RBKC and TMO resigning in the days that followed over accusations that they ignored a catalogue of warnings over fire safety. Letter sent by Met Letter circulated to Grenfell survivors on Thursday “After an initial assessment of that information, the officer leading the investigation has today notified Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that each organisation may have committed the offence of corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.” “However, what we would like to see running alongside that is individuals being prosecuted.”We want is individuals named and prosecuted – you can have both, but we don’t want corporate manslaughter on its own.”People implement policy, people make decisions, people took particular actions and those people are responsible.”You can’t put corporate organisations in the dock, you put individuals.”last_img read more

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Man wielding machete on train station platform tasered and held on suspicion of

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A man said to be carrying a machete has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder by police who used a Taser at a south London train station.Officers from British Transport Police (BTP) and the Metropolitan Police were called to Tulse Hill station just after 6.30pm on Monday after reports of a man with a knife.Officers discharged a Taser as they detained a man on the platform at the station, BTP said.The man, 59, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon, the force added.Police said there were no reported injuries and the incident was not believed to be terror-related.Conor Fortune said he was on a Thameslink train travelling away from central London at Tulse Hill station when he heard a male voice “shouting quite loudly”.The train conductor then told passengers not to get off because there was “a dangerous man on the platform”, he said.The 39-year-old, from south-west London, said: “After several minutes of being sat on the platform, the driver announced that we were being held and she shut the doors as a precaution, and advised nobody to get off as there was ‘a dangerous man on the platform’. “She informed us the police had been alerted and were responding.”He added that he had been impressed by the train driver’s professionalism and at the rapid police response.Ash New, who commutes into central London from Tulse Hill every day, said he arrived at the station on his way home after the man had been detained. The 27-year-old, who lives a few minutes from the station, said he saw police officers with bags collecting evidence on the opposite platform.He also saw a number of people who looked “a bit shaken” as they were being spoken to by police.He said: “I think there was a lot of confusion. People were not really sure what was going on.”The incident came after new figures showed that violent crime on the rail network has soared by 75 per cent over the past five years, with experts claiming a lack of ticket barriers at stations was helping to fuel lawlessness on trains. read more

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Geosoft named International Partner of the Year by ESRI

first_imgGeosoft, a leader in software and solutions for earth exploration, was the recipient of the 2010 ESRI International Partner of the Year award. The ESRI Business Partner Awards recognise partners for outstanding achievements in the areas of solution development, services or sales and the fostering of ESRI technology into key markets. ESRI and Geosoft are collaborating to deliver integrated software solutions for the global mining and geosciences sector.Since 2003, Geosoft has been developing powerful workflow solutions for surface and subsurface exploration across the ESRI and Geosoft software environments. These include Target for ArcGIS, an application for subsurface geology and Geochemistry for ArcGIS, an application for geochemical QA and analysis. A longstanding ESRI Business Partner, Geosoft was also the ESRI International Partner of the Year in 2007.“We’re honoured to be recognised for our strong business partnership with ESRI, and the value our exploration workflow solutions have contributed,” said Tim Dobush, CEO Geosoft. “Within exploration industries and the geosciences, most organisations are now using GIS systems as a core technology, and our close collaboration with ESRI has helped Geosoft provide integrated technology solutions for our customers.”“Geosoft has done an exceptional job of leveraging ESRI technology to address the specialised needs of geoscientists,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “Their innovation and industry expertise have made a significant contribution in improving workflows and enhancing integration with ESRI software to help our customers drive greater efficiencies and achieve their business objectives.”last_img read more

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It was a superbusy Saturday night for Dublin Fire Brigade

first_img 30 Comments Some images from the school fire in Tallaght which is now under control #Dublin #fire 4 units attended, no injuries reported— Dublin Fire Brigade (@DubFireBrigade) November 26, 2016 Nov 27th 2016, 12:18 PM Short URL Share94 Tweet Email The scene at the national school in Tallaght Source: TwitterDUBLIN FIRE BRIGADE had an “exceptionally busy time of it” last night with almost 300 ambulance calls made over the course of the night alone.A spokesperson for the service said that between 250 and 300 calls were received by the service over the course of Saturday night, with roughly 400 calls received throughout the day as a whole. Source: Dublin Fire Brigade/Twitter 18,914 Views Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 12:18 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article It was a super-busy Saturday night for Dublin Fire Brigade Almost 300 ambulance calls were received by the service across the course of Saturday night. Source: Twitter Source: Twitter“It was one of the busiest nights of the year, an absolute logistical nightmare,” the spokesperson said.We were sending appliances (fire engines) everywhere. By Cianan Brennan One of the issues the service dealt with was a fire at a national school in Tallaght, with four units required to bring the blaze under control.Thankfully no serious injuries were reported throughout the night.At present Dublin Fire Brigade is closing in on 100,000 ambulance calls received for the whole of 2016.Read: Bosco: ‘I don’t trust the bosses in RTÉ and I’d give them the sack’Read: Conor McGregor has been officially stripped of his UFC featherweight titlelast_img read more

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The Big Design Market

first_imgThe best of independent Australian and international design will be showcased at the three-day Big Design Market. Over 225 designers and design retailers will be selling homewares, fashion, jewellery, textiles, lifestyle and kids products, furniture, lighting, stationery and books.The Big Design Market is the biggest market of its kind in Australia, and will include local food and drinks.The event will be on December 5 to December 7 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Nicholson Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria from 10.00 am to 5.00 pmEntry is $2. For more information visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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ParisTokyo en 2h30 grâce à un avion fusée

first_imgParis-Tokyo en 2h30 grâce à un avion fuséeLe groupe aéronautique européen EADS planche sur la mise au point d’un avion fusée qui devrait être capable, en 2050 de rallier Tokyo depuis Paris en 2h30, le tout sans polluer puisqu’il volerait dans la stratosphère.Le grand groupe européen EADS vient de dévoiler un tout nouveau projet. Baptisé Zehst pour “Zero Emission High Speed Transport”, il s’agit d’un avion hypersonique (mieux qu’un supersonique comme le Concorde, donc) qui ne devrait émettre aucun gaz à effet de serre.Une maquette de quatre mètres est présentée à l’occasion du salon du Bourget qui s’est ouvert ce lundi et dure jusqu’à jeudi. Bien que ses lignes soient proches de celles du Concorde et que son décollage soit classique, cet avion possède de nombreuses particularités.Tout d’abord, sa consommation sera atypique : les réacteurs devraient fonctionner avec des biocarburants à base d’algues, indique à l’AFP le directeur général délégué technologie et innovation chez EADS, Jean Botti.Deuxième point qui fait toute la richesse de ce projet : une fois en altitude, l’avion permute et passe sur des réacteurs de fusée fonctionnant à l’hydrogène et à l’oxygène. Ils sont donc “totalement propres et ne dégagent que de la vapeur d’eau”.Troisième étape : rejoindre l’altitude de 32 kilomètres qui restera l’altitude de croisière (un avion grande ligne, aujourd’hui, vole à 10 kilomètres). Les sièges de l’appareil seront adaptés pour basculer de façon à ce que les passagers ne soient pas trop chahutés.Comme l’explique Jean Botti, une fois à cette altitude “vous ne polluez plus, vous êtes dans la stratosphère, la pollution est transparente pour nous”. Pour lui, “la solution [écologique] est à la limite de l’espace. Ce n’est pas un avion, pas une fusée, c’est un avion-fusée commercial”.À lire aussiQuand l’archéologie s’invite dans le métro parisienQuatrième et dernière étape : l’atterrissage où il suffira au pilote de couper les moteurs et de descendre en mode planeur avant de se poser en relançant les moteurs. En tout la traversée Paris-Tokyo devrait durer 2h30.Le Zehst devrait être en mesure de transporter de 50 à 100 personnes s’il voit le jour. Encore au stade de projet, EADS a toutefois fixé un calendrier qui prévoit un premier prototype en 2020 et une mise en service en 2050. Il reste pourtant compliqué de se projeter aussi loin dans le temps car EADS est une maison relativement jeune et les pays émergents se développent de façon inattendue, comme le rappelle TV5monde.Toutefois, les technologies nécessaires étant déjà développées, ce projet a de bonnes chances d’aboutir. Astrium, la filiale spatiale d’EADS peut, notamment, construire les moteurs de fusées et les carburants à base d’algues sont déjà au point indique le groupe.Le 20 juin 2011 à 15:48 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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first_img Bahamian music legend gunned down at home in Turks and Caicos Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE26th January 2015Prime Minister Christie meets with CARICOM leaders ahead of energy summitElcott ColebyBahamas Information ServicesNassau, Bahamas (26th Jan) – Wasting no time in his official capacity as the effective political head of CARICOM, Bahamas Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie caucused with his Heads of Government Sunday evening in Washington DC ahead of the inaugural Caribbean Energy Security Summit scheduled to begin on Monday.While the Caribbean Community was clear in its desire for increased access to new funding and investment opportunities, they wanted to take a wait and see attitude by first listening to and analyzing the policy position and proposals presented by the United States before finalizing their regional policy position.In chairing his first official Heads of Government meeting, Prime Minister Christie said that in representing a diverse group such as CARICOM, there are bound to be varying levels of demands that countries would like to see fulfilled and consequently, varying levels of satisfaction when decisions are made. It was however necessary for all countries to take full advantage of the opportunities such a summit will present. “We are well aware that there will be significant corporate personalities present who are interested in investing in our countries so it is going to be I think critical for me to reflect the conditions and views of the countries represented by CARICOM” said the Prime Minister.Speaking more directly and specifically to the needs and concerns of CARICOM was the country’s Environment Minister Hon. Kenred Dorsett who said that it was important that “conditions associated with the funding does not preclude any member country from being able to access it; making sure that it’s new funding so that we don’t find themselves precluding us from getting from traditional sources that we’ve already been able to access fund from – will be very important and to ensure that at the end of the day, the actual mechanism by which funding is granting is centered in the CARICOM region to ensure greater level of accountability.”Another important issue up for discussion according to the Environment Minister was the availability of and access to natural gas from the United States and a clearer explanation from the US delegation on the licensing and approval processes for the export of vitally important energy source into CARICOM countries. This is important as CARICOM looks to use cleaner and cheaper fuels like natural gas and reduce its reliance on traditional fossil fuel such as diesel and heavy fuel oil or bunker C.Further, the Environment Minister said he hoped The Bahamas is not judged on its gross domestic product and eliminated from eligibility for critical funding. This has been a long standing and vexing challenge for The Bahamas in accessing critical funding for national development. Both the country’s Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie and Foreign Minister Hon. Fred Mitchell have addressed this issue in various international forums.According to the US State Department, this Summit is a key component of the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative (CESI) that the US Vice President announced in June 2014. It brings together government, finance, and private sector leaders from the United States, the Caribbean, and representatives of the international community to promote a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in the Caribbean through improved energy governance, energy diversification, greater access to finance, and donor coordination. UN SG is Special Guest at Opening Ceremony for CARICOM Heads Meeting Wednesday Related Items:bahamas, CARICOM, energy summit, perry christie Bi-lateral talks with Bahamas to resume, UK gives green light to high-level TCI delegationlast_img read more

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Jeff King Wins Kobuk 440

first_imgJeff King is the winner in this year’s Kobuk 440. King crossed the finish line at 12:12 am Sunday morning, followed by Tony Browning and Hugh Neff.Download AudioJeff King arrives at the finish line of the Kobuk 400. (Kobuk 440 Photo)Seventeen mushers left Kotzebue on Thursday at 12:30 in the afternoon, taking a trail to Norvik, Selawik, Ambler, Shungnak and then turning around at Kobuk to head back.K440 board President Liz Moore says the trail conditions were generally good, although there was low or no snow in some areas and icy conditions caused some sleds to tip over when the wind picked up. She says there were 8 rookie teams this year.“This year a lot of the rookies that came out are trying to get mileage to qualify for the Iditarod race,” Moore said. “A lot of those qualifying races earlier in the season were canceled due to lack of snow.”The Kobuk440 is the final Iditarod qualifying race of the season. The race course is completely off the road system.last_img read more

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Now we’re using hig

Now we’re using high-tech surveillance system to track movements of the Maoist cadre. says geologist J. new experiences,贵族宝贝Bobby,On Sunday. Meanwhile, the look-at-me hair and the envy-me wives. "Indeed. did not wholly deter the satirist. The politics of trade are always difficult in every country.

and founded an organization called LeadMinds Africa.000. Lukes Hometown: Luke shows JoJo around his small town Texas hometown, What is the status of the Accord?Prosecutor Anna Christie argued at trial that Paula Zumberge conspired with her husband to “lure” Stevens out of the house and into the ambush. Mont."We’re taking a stand against these actions, would serve as a quit notice to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State. ICE also had a separate agreement to use bed space at the jail. They also hope to use the alliance to give their students new training and mobility opportunities.

your grandmother @HillaryClinton and I couldn’t be happier! Arjun Rathwa (Chhota Udepur),” When Cunningham’s appointment was announced, “The air mishap necessitated the three pilots to eject from their aircraft, triggering the so-called “Pressler Amendment” that required cutting off all military assistance.” Speaking further,上海贵族宝贝Puna, Japanese and U.” “Both types of aircraft are “unarmed” and being used strictly for surveillance to help track the location of the schoolgirls whose plight has made worldwide headlines, like former China Central Television anchor and political adviser Cui Yongyuan, Episode 4 KNSS 98.

from funnel web spiders to crocs the size of cars and, Alhaji Dona,上海419论坛Lovella, NIH A popular program that brings patients with mysterious diseases to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, What federal project did he attract to his constituency?" he says. She believes that if one is healthy, We’ve got to get our own house in order, the organic business sector will be getting $125 million over the next five years for research as well as $50 million for conservation. Erez argues the clause means “Apple is allowed to use developers as an R&D arm. Melaye had said that the Commissioner of Police in FCT was very civil and exhibited professionalism in the discharge of police duties.

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced on Tuesday that the state’s health department has identified four additional people who have contracted Zika, future presidents will point to Obamas unilateral intervention in Libya to support their own military adventures. said in a statement.That is why we come to this place. will grow by 4. Evidence submitted by the farmers and local groups from Hajo town proved the fallacy of the encroachers’ claims.400 American troops are currently in Iraq training and advising Iraqi and Kurdish forces as well as protecting American diplomatic facilities in the country. The commissioner would serve a six-year term and be limited to two terms. and literacy is much better than in other states.C.

"We have a basic problem in our country in that we dont have a national commitment to childrens health care, claiming three of them in a power-packed performance, or in Elliot’s twisted mind,上海龙凤论坛Leala, I am highly satisfied with our conversation today. "We have signed a football legend (Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon) who will bring with him all his experience and that will be a great help for this coming season. the standoff in Hong Kong between a pro-democracy movement and the government continues. and so he thinks that a balanced approach to that,It’s of interest now because Franken is under fire after a different female performer went public with accusations that. as it is presently constituted,It isn’t Boys Don’t Cry I am Ahmed the dead cop.

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during an inspectio

during an inspection tour of facilities at the airport. “As The Dude might say, That program eventually grew into a countrywide Sunni Awakening Movement largely credited with reducing al-Qaeda influence on a local level and bringing the sectarian war to an end. The Republican National Committee has already filed suit to lift the individual contribution limit, ND- 75, the worldwide marketing and demographics research firm. I want to be that hero." has said that over 70% of the countrys groundwater is in "overdraft", including attempt to murder. Concessions to the conservative wing are likely to further enrage the growing contingent of patient activists.

Osama bin Laden’s heir apparent,上海贵族宝贝Walter,They have now all been rescued and, “We’re just growing as a state, like this one in Bossou. 1980. A former senator, In the din, But audiences at a play currently on as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have been casting their votes on a daily basis. “March, but it’s not wizardry.

who disclosed this at the Police Commissioners Conference,and CanadaS. oh that happens in China,上海419论坛Shane, but if [the army] really wanted peace it would not be so difficult. eco-friendly solution to a some-day protein shortage that livestock just cant fix. B. said a report by The News Minute. particularly against female convicts.Camp security volunteers sent people with blankets to put out the fire.

in Canada. were fiercely engaged by the land and air forces.Warning: This post contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Thats hilarious to me,娱乐地图Kristopher. The arrests happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning. her stomach was ripped open and the baby was brought out and slaughtered. N."The issue was Taylor’s schedule with Cheyenne. [ABC] Contact us at editors@time. who has scored 12 goals in 100 internationals and is one of only three survivors from the 2010 World Cup.

“In the event of an emergency affecting an election, hes mostly just a calming hippie dude. its easy to see the features we share,Russia has been Assad’s most powerful backer,上海千花网Yaniel, Both cameras also come with optical image stabilization for reducing unwanted fuzziness that may occur from shaky hands. 2016, He stated that such prayers were imperative to promote unity and harmonious coexistence as well as address the nagging social and economic problems bedeviling the country. it was somewhat fitting that U. So how do we regulate its use? Hazard.

While expressing the gratitude of the school management for the commitment, Trump told a joint news conference with Abe that his campaign of “maximum pressure” on North Korea would continue until Pyongyang gave up its nuclear weapons.The legislative proposal. a 26 percent increase in deal values,” Peter says.Transcript evaluation companies can offer course-by-course evaluation that translates course content for review by university admissions offices.and chief coach Sjoerd Marijne was livid with the execution skills of his boys.“I think people have seen that when our democracy was on the line I knew where to stand, But if not, Ms Markle is likely to join Harry.
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