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For USChina trade talks hopes are high expectations low

WASHINGTON — U.S. and Chinese negotiators start two days of high-level talks Wednesday aimed at settling a six-month trade war that has weakened both sides, shaken financial markets and clouded the outlook for the global economy.Yet the odds seem stacked against any substantive resolution this week to the standoff between the world’s two biggest economies. Perhaps the best that might be hoped for, analysts say, is for the two sides to agree to keep talking.The differences between Beijing and Washington are vast. The United States is essentially demanding that China downsize its economic aspiration to become a supreme world leader in such fields as robotics and electric cars.“A comprehensive deal that fundamentally changes their system — I don’t think that’s possible,” said Christopher Adams, a former U.S. trade official specializing in China and now a senior adviser at the law firm Covington.Earlier negotiations flamed out. And this time President Donald Trump might be inclined to drive an especially hard bargain after being forced to cave in a dispute with congressional Democrats that partially shut the federal government for 35 days.Moreover, a new complication injected itself into U.S.-China relations on the eve of the talks when the Justice Department brought criminal charges Monday against the Chinese tech giant Huawei, accusing it of stealing technology secrets and violating sanctions against Iran. Beijing shot back by demanding that the Trump administration pull back from what it called an “unreasonable crackdown” on the Chinese maker of smartphones and telecom gear.“We are anticipating no big outcomes this week,” said Erin Ennis, senior vice-president at the U.S.-China Business Council.A deadline looms. On March 2, the Trump administration is scheduled to escalate its tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports from 10 per cent to 25 per cent.The American delegation to this week’s talks is led by Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, a longtime critic of aggressive Chinese trade practices and of U.S. policies that failed to blunt them. Heading the Chinese team is Vice Premier Liu He.The core of the U.S. allegations against China is that Beijing systematically steals trade secrets, forces foreign companies to hand over technology as the price of access to the Chinese market and subsidizes its own tech companies.But compelling China to reform its trade policies and treatment of foreign companies will be difficult.“The idea of just grabbing (technology) however they can is kind of ingrained at this point,” said Amanda DeBusk, chair of the international trade practice at Dechert LLP and a former Commerce Department official. “You can’t just flip a switch” and expect China to drop long-established practices.The administration has imposed tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese imports; Beijing has retaliated with import taxes on $110 billion in U.S. goods.President Donald Trump has threatened to extend the tariffs to an additional $267 billion in Chinese goods. If he did, Trump’s import taxes would cover virtually everything China ships to the United States.Last spring, it looked as if the two sides might avoid a full-blown conflict. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared the trade war “on hold” after China had agreed to step up its purchases of U.S. goods, especially in agriculture and energy, and narrow America’s huge trade deficit with China. The cease-fire didn’t last. Critics dismissed Beijing’s commitments as vague, and Trump backed away from Mnuchin’s deal and decided to proceed with tariffs.The trade war has magnified uncertainties for businesses, raised priced in some sectors and unsettled investors. Pointing to the U.S.-China conflict, economists at the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have downgraded their forecasts for global growth. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 8 per cent since early October, though it has rebounded since Christmas.The Chinese economy is decelerating, having expanded last year at its slowest pace since 1990. U.S. officials and some analysts say they believe its weakening economy will pressure the Chinese into making concessions.“The economic circumstances are a powerful bargaining tool,” DeBusk said.But she added that “the Chinese slowdown also impacts the United States.” Indeed, U.S. heavy equipment maker Caterpillar reported Monday that its China sales were slowing — news that sent its stock price tumbling.Deepening the challenge is the U.S. view that China has pledged in the past to curb cyber-theft and forced transfers of technology — and then failed to do so. Lighthizer is sure to insist that any agreement be enforceable.“The odds of them stonewalling and rope-a-doping in this meeting are close to zero,” said Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation think-tank . “What are they going to put on the table? Are they going to put tidbits on the table, or they going to put something meaty on the table?”The Justice Department’s decision to charge Huawei, meanwhile, “has thrown a curveball” into the talks, said Patrick Chovanec, chief strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management Group.U.S. officials insist that the Huawei case is entirely separate from the trade negotiations. But Atkinson said he thinks the Huawei indictment was meant to send a signal to the Chinese.“This is about power politics,” he said, “to get them to do what they should be doing.”Paul Wiseman And Christopher Rugaber, The Associated Press read more

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Let 2008 be the year of worlds poorest bottom billion – Ban

“We must address ourselves to the needs of the weak, the disadvantaged, those who have been excluded from the mainstream international community,” Mr. Ban told reporters at a Headquarters press conference, his first for the new year. “And so I say, let 2008 be the year of the ‘bottom billion,’” Mr. Ban declared, employing the phrase used by some economists to describe the poorest of the world’s poor – the nearly one billion left behind by global economic growth. Noting that most of the world’s poorest live in Africa or the small developing islands of Asia, “eking out lives of hardship on incomes of less than $1 a day,” he pledged to work over the coming year to strengthen the UN’s role in development. He also called for fresh thinking on ways to help nations achieve the pledges to slash poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy by 2015, known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). At the mid-point towards the 2015 deadline, it is widely acknowledged that many countries, particularly in Africa, are not on track to meeting the Goals. To help remedy this, Mr. Ban established the MDG Africa Steering Group last September in an effort to mobilize the full resources of the UN system and its partners to achieve the MDGs in Africa. In addition, he drew attention to a high-level meeting of the General Assembly to be held in September with the goal of re-energizing the world’s commitment to the MDGs, with special attention to the poorest of the poor, noting that a similar forum was used last year to galvanize world action on climate change. Regarding climate change, he cited the need for a global grassroots public awareness campaign to focus political pressure and keep global warming at the forefront of public consciousness. “The road from Bali will be difficult as well,” he noted, recalling the landmark UN climate change conference held in Indonesia, where nearly 200 countries agreed to launch a two-year process of formal talks to tackle the problem of global warming. The Secretary-General also noted that the demands on the UN continue to increase, whether it is nurturing a fragile peace process in the Middle East, helping Iraq emerge from conflict, staying the course in Afghanistan or pushing for peace in war-torn Darfur. If the past week is any indication, he said that “the coming year promises to be even tougher than the last,” pointing to the recent turmoil in Kenya and renewed violence in Sri Lanka. “We therefore move into the new year with renewed commitment to our ultimate mission – building a stronger UN for a better world,” Mr. Ban stated, pledging to continue his push to modernize, revitalize and streamline the Organization, upholding the highest standards of ethics, performance and accountability. 7 January 2008United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that 2008 should be the year of the “bottom billion,” citing the need for renewed determination to address the needs of the poorest of the world’s poor who have been left behind by global economic growth. read more

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The Wax Museum is back again just dont call it a Wax

first_img Hmm.— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter Share Tweet Email1 Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter The Wax Museum has a new home. About to take a tour. Is there still a ‘Chamber of Taoiseachs’ I wonder?— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 The @IrishTimes leading the way to the Chamber of Horrors. Sensible move on my part.— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, 5:30 PM THE WAX MUSEUM has a new home.At least, the entity generally known as the Wax Museum has a new home.There are all sorts of newfangled whistles and bells on offer at the attraction’s latest location overlooking O’Connell Bridge at the Westmoreland Street building that formerly played home to the Man United shop (and later the Lafayette nightclub).In addition to those well-travelled waxworks of Bono and Bertie Ahern (etc) that we all remember from school tours, the backers of this latest reimagining of the attraction are promising Augmented Reality features (the figures come out and talk to you, via your phone), three dimensional scanning (you’ll be able to get a model of yourself … if you so desire) and all manner of large scale, state-of-the-art sets and figures.Star Wars features heavily. There’s also a Father Ted room.And while the man behind the museum’s revamp, entrepreneur Paddy Dunning, was glad of the opportunity to show reporters around, he did get a little bogged down on how to describe the new offering.Should we even call it a ‘museum’?Here’s a sample of his ad-hoc Q&A:A museum is somewhere where you exhibit items but don’t sell them… So we’re not a museum. By Daragh Brophy Formerly located near the Black Church to the north of Parnell Square, the wax museum brand was taken over and relaunched by Dunning as the National Wax Museum Plus, near College Green, back in 2009.It vacated that property before Christmas, after the Irish Stock Exchange bought the building.While some of the old 1980s and 1990s-era figures will be on view again on Westmoreland Street, the new attraction couldn’t be further removed from the old northside version of the museum, which was owned by former Fianna Fáil TD and Senator Donie Cassidy. A classic from the archives… Bertie v Bertie. 1998. Source: Finishing touches being made today. Source: Source: Rollingnews.ieIn addition to the obligatory Chamber of Horrors, there’ll be a music room, an area dedicated to Irish myths and legends and displays dedicated to characters from The Simpsons, along with other fairytale and sci-fi inspired features. Downstairs, it’s planned, there’ll be several history areas covering everything from 1916 to the Good Friday Agreement.The Cross City Luas – once it’s finished – will pass by outside. It’s planned admission for an adult will be around €15.Read: Dublin’s Wax Museum to close within two weeks after Stock Exchange court push >Read: The Northeast US is a slippery mess thanks to Storm Stella > We’ve taken a brand, a name… But it’s not a museum. We’re at the cutting edge of a retail experience. That’s really important to us. We’re not a museum per se. We used to be a museum. We used to show stuff. But now we show and we sell and we integrate you in the whole experience.Reporter: If someone was to ask me where I was this morning what would I say to them?You could say you were at the Wax Museum Plus, but it’s much more than that… It’s not a wax museum. It’s a cutting edge visitor attraction for the 21st Century. Really enthusiastic Wax Museum director enthusing about new location, making wavy hand gestures— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter The Wax Museum is back (again) – just don’t call it a Wax Museum We took a tour. There weren’t any waxworks – but Brendan Behan’s floating head appeared for a chat. center_img Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter Can’t watch the video? Click here.  Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter 27 Comments The Wax figures will talk. This is just a demo obv not a waxwork. Brendan Behan’s head is still in a box.— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter Mar 15th 2017, 5:30 PM Can’t watch the video? Click here. “We’re literally under the building here…” There’ll be a Good Friday Agreement Room, history fans!— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 20,051 Views Glib tweets aside, the new wax museum sounds interesting (and educational). This room will be dedicated to Irish inventors.— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) March 15, 2017 Short URL Can’t watch the video? Click here. If – for whatever reason – you require a lifesize reproduction of Albert Reynolds or The Edge, you can pop in and chat to them about having a spare one made up, Dunning explained.Similarly, all the new sets that have been designed for the new ‘museum’ can be reproduced and repurposed for your home and office (if you have deep enough pockets).In a new departure, customers will be able to replicate themselves via that aforementioned 3D printing technology. People can have themselves scanned – and anything from a mini-bust to a full sized figure can be produced.The existing waxworks cost anything from €20,000 up to €120,000, said Dunning – and they’ve been sold all over the world in the last few years.The prices vary dramatically depending how complicated the piece is. Gerry Adams, for instance, would be more expensive because of all that beard-work. Gay Byrne, by comparison, would be a relative bargain (and there’s a two-for-one deal for Jedward).Phil Lynott is by far the most popular figure, by the way.They’ve sold more than ten versions of the beloved Thin Lizzy singer, at around €45,000 a piece.Brendan Behan’s headDunning – the man the renowned Grouse Lodge recording studios in Westmeath and the Temple Lane studios in Temple Bar – said his designers were working towards an early-April opening date.As you can see from the tour he gave to reporters, the team have quite a bit of work to do over the next few weeks… There were no wax-works on display yet – just some impressive looking sets, and demo versions of the Augmented Reality features.“Brendan Behan’s head is in a box in my office at the moment,” one of the team explained, helpfully. The figures – some new, some old – will be installed in the various new sections once the final coat of paint goes on.last_img read more

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Musk Shares First Image of Boring Companys SubLA Tunnel

first_img Elon Musk released the first image of The Boring Company’s new tunnel below Los Angeles.In August, the Hawthorne City Council gave Musk’s startup a green light to dig a two-mile underground test tube.The route reportedly veers west from the northeast corner of Hawthorne Municipal Airport, and along 120th Street.Operating from SpaceX headquarters outside LA, The Boring Company previously worked only on (and under) its own private property. SpaceX’s Starhopper Test Launch in Texas ScrubbedElon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over Twitter With no pomp and circumstance, the firm quickly got to work, silently burrowing 500 feet through town. Unlike surface-level construction, locals shouldn’t even notice the proceedings.“Everything happens underground,” Brett Horton, SpaceX senior director of facilities and construction, who oversees Boring Co. work, told South Bay newspaper Daily Breeze over the summer.No builders walking the streets. No excavators thumping and clanging. Just a giant boring machine 15 yards below their feet.With 500 feet down and only 10,060 feet to go, Musk expects the two-mile underpass to be complete in “three to four months.”The continued expansion means the tunnel will “hopefully stretch the whole 405 N-S corridor from LAX to the 101 in a year or so,” Musk added.The planned passage does not intersect with any privately owned residential or commercial property—aside from SpaceX’s.The tunnel-boring firm (get it?) launched in April with a promotional video highlighting what a network of underground highways could do for overcrowded cities.Based on Musk’s vision, drivers will pull their car into a mechanical platform, or “electric skate,” on the side of the road. The plate then drops into the ground, where it transports vehicles at controlled autonomous speeds of 125 mph.Running some 44 feet below public roads and utilities, the tunnel is based on LA Metro specs.In July, The Boring Company received “verbal [government] approval” to build a Hyperloop underground tunnel, which will send passengers flying between New York and Washington, D.C. (with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore) in fewer than 30 minutes.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Hurricane Joaquin hits The Bahamas

first_img Bahamian music legend gunned down at home in Turks and Caicos Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 02 Oct 2015 – The storm which formed just off the TCI and Bahamas chain of islands has now caused NEMA in The Bahamas to put the entire country under warning. Reports reaching Magnetic Media reveal that there is severe flooding in many family islands of nearby Bahamas; airports and seaports are also closed and people are battling storm surges as they take to counter tops and dining room tables for refuge in islands like Long Island and San Salvador. Hurricane Jose Not A Threat to The Bahamas, For Now Related Items:bahamas, hurricane joaquin, NEMA, san salvador Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Bi-lateral talks with Bahamas to resume, UK gives green light to high-level TCI delegation Recommended for youlast_img read more

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Therapy dog brings joy to Vancouver homeless shelter on Christmas Eve

first_imgPerhaps it was only a moment that the residents of Share Homestead forgot the troubles that landed them in the homeless shelter — a wrenching story of domestic violence, a previous eviction that continues to make renting difficult — but it was a welcome moment.Limon, a 3-year-old Labrador retriever, showed up at the family shelter on Christmas Eve to deliver a sense of normalcy, a break from life’s troubles. Adults and children alike hit the ground to snuggle and pet Limon, whose career as a guide dog for the blind was derailed when cataracts were discovered in the dog’s eyes.Four-year-old Paige Quinn and the pup didn’t waste time getting to know one another. With one long lick, straight up the face from Limon, the two were friends.“She gave me a kiss on my nose,” Paige said. “She likes me.”Animal lover Lexi Marshall and her family had to leave their dog, Shadow, behind when they ended up in the shelter.“She used to make us so happy,” the 11-year-old said.Shadow seemed to know if Lexi or her sister, Mylee, 7, were hurt.“I scraped my knee, and she started licking it,” Mylee said.Brandy Marshall, the mother of the two girls, said living in the shelter has been hard. Everyone in the family “has processed it differently,” but the dog “brings some joy and puts a smile on our faces.”DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital and Guide Dogs for the Blind work together through the Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams program to take the therapy dogs into the community.last_img read more

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Marriott Hotels and Wagamama named on minimum wage noncompliance list

first_imgAsian restaurant chain Wagamama and international hotel group Marriott Hotels (pictured) are among the 179 employers named by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for failure to pay employees the national minimum wage and the national living wage.Wagamama, which topped the government’s 14th list of organisations that have underpaid staff the minimum wage, failed to pay £133,212.42 to 2,630 employees. Marriott Hotels, which ranked second on the list, failed to pay £71,722.93 to 279 employees.Thursday UK Limited, trading as restaurant organisation TGI Friday’s, was placed third on the list for failing to pay 2,302 employees a total of £59,347.64, while Birmingham City Football Club featured on the list for failing to pay 534 employees £5,653.03Other organisations included on this month’s list include womenswear retailer Karen Miller Fashions, which failed to pay £9,847.20 to 28 employees, and Wright Leisure Limited, trading as Xercise4less, ranked fifth on the list for failing to pay 240 employees £54,290.37.The government’s naming and shaming scheme, which came in to effect in October 2013, names employers which have underpaid staff by paying them less than the national minimum wage and national living wage rates. These employers are issued with a notice of underpayment, unless employers meet one of the exceptional criteria or have arrears of £100 or less. Organisations that feature on the published list are required to back pay arrears of wages to affected employees, and can face financial penalties of up to 200% of arrears, capped at £20,000 per employee, or prosecution in the most serious cases.Employers on today’s (9 March 2018) list have been fined £1.3 million in total, and around 9,200 UK employees are expected to receive back pay amounting to £1.1 million.Sectors that particularly came under fire during this naming and shaming round include the hospitality sector, where 43 organisations are required to back pay 5,726 employees £460,459.00, the hairdressing industry, where 19 businesses failed to pay 152 employees £43,938.00, and the retail sector, with 18 organisations that neglected to pay 85 employees a total of £27,332.00.Since the scheme’s introduction in 2013, more than £9 million has been paid in back pay to 67,000 employees and a total of 1,700 employers have been fined £6.3 million overall. This year, the government committed to spend £25.3 million on minimum wage enforcement for 2017-2018.Andrew Griffiths, business minister, said: “The world of work is changing and we have set out our plans to give millions of [employees] enhanced rights to ensure everyone is paid and treated fairly in the workplace.“There are no excuses for short-changing [employees]. This is an absolute red line for this government and employers who cross it will get caught; not only are they forced to pay back every penny but they are also fined up to 200% of wages owed.“[This] naming round serves as a sharp reminder to employers to get their house in order ahead of minimum wage rate rises on 1 April.”Bryan Sanderson, chairman of the Low Pay Commission (LPC), added: “As the national living wage and national minimum wage rates rise on 1 April, it is vital that [employees] understand their rights, and employers their obligations.“The Low Pay Commission is pleased to see the government maintaining the momentum of its minimum wage enforcement. The recent announcement that all workers will have a right to payslips stating the hours they have worked, an idea originally proposed by the LPC, is a positive step.”Tim Goodwin, solicitor at Winckworth Sherwood, said: “The national minimum wage sets an absolute floor on what [an employee] must be paid. It amounts to an annual full-time salary of approximately £13,600, at its highest rate, is mandatory and cannot be contracted out of. The number of high profile employers included in this latest ‘naming and shaming’ report shows the scope of the government’s investigatory powers and the inevitability of negative publicity that now comes with being found to be in breach.“The government’s powers of enforcement allow compliance officers to commence an investigation and remove information from an employer’s premises with little if any warning and conduct a very thorough analysis of records. Businesses that circumvent the regulations, whether by simply paying below the minimum wage, improperly offsetting other costs or by understating hours worked, will get found out. As well as being ‘named and shamed’, businesses can face fines up to £20,000 and even criminal sanctions. Employees who have been underpaid can also bring claims, seeking to recover underpayments going back several years.”last_img read more

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James Cameron awaits Avatar sequel release

first_imgIf one goes by Avatar filmmaker James Cameron’s words, the planned sequel of the 2009 epic sci-fi movie will leave the audience mesmerised.‘You will s–t yourself with your mouth wide open,’ Cameron has said while estimating the reactions that the sequel will generate, reports The Oscar-winning director told Empire magazine that the frames-per-second (FPS) rate of the movie will be a reason why so much ‘s–tting’ will happen, reports ‘My thinking at the time (when I announced the sequels) was that 60 (FPS) might be a better segue to the video market. I’ll be plugging into a system that’s a little more mature, so it makes sense for me to do 48 frames at this point,’ Cameron said.last_img

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The Scariest Thing About AI Is the Competitive Disadvantage of Being Slow

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 7 min read Register Now » “If you don’t have an AI strategy, you are going to die in the world that’s coming.” — Devin Wenig, CEO of eBayWhenever there is talk about artificial intelligence, Terminator-style robots that are stealing our jobs and will eventually take our lives come to mind. This picture portrays a false image of AI; AI is much more than just robotics and war machines.The tools we use in our daily lives are getting smarter every day, from spam filtering in our inboxes to voice assistants in our homes. Google New uses AI to cluster similar news, and Nvidia uses it to create slow motion videos that outperform the Slow Mo Guys.So, what is AI, and how can you use it?What is AI?AI has existed for a long time, with the earliest work dating back to 1940. But the most recent surge is thanks to two parameters — increased machine performance and new algorithms especially in the field of deep learning, a practice that tries to mimic the human brain to make decisions. Of course, AI is not limited to dDeep learning. Essentially the paradigm is that when the task is too difficult to program, we let the machine learn by itself; we let it program itself. While AI has delivered stunning results in some fields, it has also showed its limitations — to an extent that some experts believe a new “AI winter” is looming.Related: What Is AI, Anyway? Know Your Stuff With This Go-To Guide.It is very important to know what AI is actually capable of — and what it’s not. AI does not “understand” what it is doing, but when it looks at tons of data, it can detect patterns which have proven to be exceptionally efficient. Knowing AI’s sweet spot lets you make best use of it.What AI can do.Essentially, AI can help you with automation and prediction. Automation is not only about taking cumbersome, repetitive tasks from humans and assign them to tireless machines; we could do that even before AI. AI takes automation to a new level.For instance, AI could do a quick analysis of your customer and give you a 360 degree view on their preferences and needs. This information could mark the difference between closing a sale and losing a sale as the customer interacts with your business. Also consider that AI can take care of this automatically, without any human intervention.Many websites are currently using chatbots. While definitely not as smart as humans, they are 24/7 present assistants that take no breaks, respond immediately (no matter how many clients talk to it), remember customers’ preferences and can offer rich responses with links and images that a human would need significant time to compose.Prediction is another fun topic, boosted by AI in recent years. Previously, we used “customers who bought X also bought Y” to up-sell or cross-sell, but AI disrupted that too. Take Netflix as an example. AI is able to look at much more data than just single products, and it can find patterns that lead to much more accurate results and increased sales.AI lets you focus on what matters most, and this is important not only from a time and budget perspective but also because people will have much less legwork to do, and that increases their engagement and creativity.This brings us to our next topic — how you can use AI in your business.Related: Deep Learning and ‘Hyper-Personalization’ are the Future of Marketing AutomationUsing AI.To start using AI, you have two options; either rely on a company with an established AI service to automate your business, or create your own. The latter option would require tons of data to train the AI on, and you would need to have some development skills. It is the harder route, but it can really pay off, especially if your business model is very customized.Whatever your choice, there are fundamentals you need to pay attention to.Know what you need.This is the first important step as it decides the direction you take and the algorithms you use. For instance, let’s assume we need to find reporters who would be interested in covering our services. One approach would be to create an AI that would study the articles the reporters have written, classify them by topic, and find other reporters who write about similar topics.This idea has two flaws:The number of topics was few, compared to the number of journalists. As such, the recommendations would always be the same (i.e., if a reporter had written about blockchain the system would always recommend them for that topic). We will end up with hundreds of recommendations for a single topic.There are new topics added each day, so we cannot not rely on a list of predefined topics.As you see, while the idea looks good at first, we actually need a system that’s much more granular and precise. A better approach would be to let the system detect the patterns by itself, in the same way Google News works. This is the subject of “unsupervised learning,” where we share the data with the system and let it come up with suggestions on the similarities it finds there.Knowing what you need is an important step, both for getting the results that work for you and for not wasting budget and time on methods that don’t.Purify your data.The myth is “the more data, the better.” Companies tend to gather as much data as they can and then throw it at the poor AI, which is supposed to make sense of it. In reality, AI does not understand a word of what it sees (or says). It only sees numbers and correlations between those numbers. Purifying the data before feeding it to the algorithm drastically improves the results.If the data contains HTML tags, or if it contains text from several different languages, these can all throw AI off balance. This might seem obvious, but it’s not; just Google for “AI bias” to see how facial recognition AI failed to identify women of color because the AI was not properly trained on them.Related: Why I Wish Artificial Intelligence Was Around When I Started My BusinessVisualize your data.This might seem trivial, but take my advice on this. Visualizing the data in the form of charts and graphs really helps you to see patterns as well as trash data, especially in the early stages. Even before feeding it to the AI, visualizing can help you see abnormalities as well as outliers, which in turn could help you with the data purification process.Visualizing your data can be helpful, even if you don’t use it for AI. Making a chart of the weekdays and hours someone tweets can easily show you what hours and days they are most active on — something difficult to see if you only have date and time numbers in front of you.Closing words.If you made it this far, you should know what AI is, what it is good for and what you need to get started. AI is a trend Andrew Ng claims to be widespread in every industry, “like electricity.” So the sooner you can get started with your own AI, the higher chance you will have to stand out and compete with those that have already gotten there. August 22, 2018 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

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Aguakán says that by next year Isla Mujeres will have 100 percent

first_imgIsla Mujeres, Q.R. — Head of Aguakán says that by next year, there will be 100 percent coverage in sanitary drainage on the entire island.Roberto Enrique Robles, Director of Aguakán said that although work is being done on the last stage of the wastewater station on Isla Mujeres, it is expected to be finished for next year.“I can tell you that what we have built today provides enough capacity to treat all that is occurring on Isla and cover future growth,” he said.Robles added that the total amount invested in the treatment plant is around 40 million peso, which was done in several stages.The official said that in the insular zone, there has been 100 percent of treated water for some time, however where it is still pending is in the sanitary drainage network that is being built now.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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38 left in second quarter Ruling on the field is

first_img:38 left in second quarterRuling on the field is confirmed, and Palmer is picked off on the very next play looking for Fitzgerald. Ugh. HalftimeWell, the Panthers blow a chance to score by throwing an interception, which then leads to the Cardinals blowing a chance to score by throwing an interception, which leads to the Panthers driving down the field and kicking a 41-yard field goal. Of course, there was a holding penalty on the play, so Gano had to try again from 51-yards out. Also good, and it’s 6-3 at the half. 12:53 left in first quarterAided by a roughing the passer penalty the Cardinals move into Panthers territory, but then a flea-flicker goes awry as Palmer’s deep ball is intercepted by Robert Lester. He underthrew Michael Floyd on the route, and now it’s Carolina ball at the 20. Turnover bug bites the Cardinals again. 4:24 left in fourth quarterYet, somehow the Cardinals have held onto the ball and moved into Panthers territory. Facing a third and nine, still out of field goal range. Top Stories 10:01 left in fourth quarterAnother Washington sack puts an end to Carolina’s drive. Sixty-three yard punt is not returned far, and Arizona has the ball on its own 27. Cards are really one drive away from putting this one out of reach, but it’s tough to see them doing that right now. 7:35 left in first quarterPanthers face a third and three at the Arizona four as we get our first timeout of the game. The Cards had too many players on the field, so head coach Bruce Arians called a timeout. He worked real hard for it, too, as the refs originally didn’t see him. 11:07 left in second quarterBad break for the Cardinals as an apparent fumble by Newton doesn’t count. Ref ruled the QB’s forward progress had stopped during a sack, but the call did not come until Newton had broken the tackle and taken off running. At any rate, credit Tyrann Mathieu with a sack and appreciate that the ensuing punt was a lousy one. Arizona has the ball at the Carolina 46. 2:12 left in second quarter 13:11 left in fourth quarterCards stall and the boo birds come out as the team punts. It’s downed at the Carolina six, giving the defense another chance to make a big play. One more may put this one out of reach. 14:49 left in fourth quarterNewton’s pass is intercepted by Daryl Washington, who steps out of bounds at the 50 on the return. Think that guy doesn’t matter to the defense? HUGE play. 1:47 left in fourth quarterOne play after throwing one at the ref, Newton’s pass is tipped and intercepted by Karlos Dansby. Cards come out in the victory formation. 5:28 left in third quarterYou can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…Calais Campbell blindsides Newton in the end zone, sacking the QB and adding two points to Arizona’s total. 12-6 Cards, and they’ll get the ball back. 7:29 left in first quarterCardinals catch a break as Steve Smith drops a well-thrown pass that would have been a TD. Panthers end up kicking a field goal to take a 3-0 lead. 10-play, 76-yard drive took 5:26 off the clock. Cardinals defense needs a bit of work. 1:40 left in second quarterCards to go three-and-out but Zastudil boots a 55-yard punt that is fair caught at the Carolina 30. Solid field position, but not great. Can the D get a stop here? Carolina will get the ball to start the third quarter, so it would be a good idea. 5:48 left in third quarterA couple of good gains by Ellington get the Cards to the one, which is where Rashard Mendenhall punches it in from. Cardinals take a 10-6 lead. 8:59 left in third quarterCardinals have it at the Carolina 47 after an eight-yard pass to Ellington gets another 15 added on due to a hit out of bounds. Following play is a swing pass to Patrick Peterson for a few yards, but a defensive holding call wipes it out and gives the Cards five yards plus a first down.So there you go. 11:55 left in third quarterPanthers get a first down but a Daryl Washington sack on third down forces Carolina to punt. Welcome to the season, D-Wash, and let’s see if the Cards can get the offense going as they’ll start on their own 15. Panthers go for it on fourth and one but come up short when Brandon LaFell’s hands get in the way on a nicely thrown Newton pass. Cam has looked real good today, he’s receivers not so much. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling :38 left in second quarterRefs taking time to review a possible Andre Ellington catch. If it stands, Cards will have the ball at the Carolina 23. The tone of this game changed in a hurry on that pick. Instead of going into half down and looking bad, Arizona could find itself up as it heads into the intermission. 3:38 left in fourth quarterKick is good, and it’s 15-6 Cardinals. A two-score game, which looks nearly insurmountable right now. 2:38 left in fourth quarterCalais Campbell gets a sack and forces a fumble, which is recovered by Antoine Cason and taken back to the Carolina seven. Cason, who is known for his speed, was tracked down by Newton. Wow.Anyway, that probably wraps this one up pretty neatly. Justin Bethel makes an excellent tackle and Carolina is stuck at their 21.Videobard at the stadium is doing a side-by-side of the stats for each QB in the first quarter. Guess what? Newton’s are better.center_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 12:25 left in second quarterPalmer is sacked and then his third down completion to Michael Floyd comes up a yard short of the sticks, so the Cardinals punt. End of gameCardinals win this one 22-6. Dominant defense with not-so-good offense, but it was enough. Arizona improves to 3-2 with a 2-0 mark at home. It may not have been pretty, but you’ll take it. 8:29 left in second quarterCardinals move a little but stall once again. Holding penalty on Daryn Colledge did not help things.Jay Feely puts a 42-yard field goal through the uprights and we’re all tied up at 3-3. End of third quarterWhat an interesting quarter that was. Right now the Panthers face a third and three from the Arizona 11. By the way, why would you run the “Wildcat” when Cam Newton is your QB? Ohh, coaches. 0 Comments   Share   2:00 left in second quarterCards catch a break on an ‘in the grasp’ call as Palmer’s sack/fumble is just a sack instead of a Panthers touchdown. Arizona has it on the eight, but tough to see them really trying to push the issue here. Then again, the Panthers still have all three timeouts left so barring a first down they’ll get the ball back with real good field position. 3:43 left in fourth quarterCards pick up five, so no first down. Ball at the Carolina 32, Jay Feely is on for the FG attempt. Make the 50 yarder, and the Cards are in great shape. Miss it, and we’ve still got a ball game. End of first quarterThe first 15 minutes are in the books and they finish with the Panthers up 3-0. However, Carolina is driving once again and has the ball facing a 3rd and 6 at the Arizona 30. Cam Newton was mighty impressive in the first quarter, throwing accurate passes into tight windows. If Steve Smith could catch this would be a much different game, but alas, he could not.Arizona defense needs to get a stop here. 5:00 left in second quarterPanthers are moving the ball once again with some short throws that have turned into long gains. A couple Newton runs have helped, too, and now Carolina has it on the Arizona 24. 2:23 left in fourth quarterPalmer hits Jim Dray, who barrels into the end zone from seven yards out, for the touchdown. Cardinals up 22-6 and have really run away with this one, in a manner of speaking. 5:48 left in third quarterPenalty on the kick return pins the Panthers on their own 5. Cardinals have momentum, can the defense capitalize? 7:27 left in first quarterKickoff goes for a touchback and the Cards send the offense back on the field. First drive showed promise, but once again they failed to execute at the end. Looks like Andre Ellington will start out in the backfield for this one, adding a bit more speed to the running back spot. 2:00 left in fourth quarterNewton hits Smith for a nice gain and that gets us to the two minute warning. With the home team up 22-6, many of the fans who were here have headed for the exits. Guess they feel pretty good about this one being in the bag. 10:00 left in first quarterCam Newton is carving up the Cardinals with accurate passes. Panthers have the ball at the Arizona 24. 14:14 left in second quarterCardinals got the stop by way of a Karlos Dansby sack, his second in three plays. Punt sails into the end zone, so the Arizona offense will start at its own 20. 1:41 left in third quarterCarson Palmer is intercepted and the Panthers have the ball in Arizona territory. Palmer has been generally brutal today. KickoffThe Cardinals are going to get the ball first, giving the black-clad home team an early crack at a very good Panthers defense. Kick sails out of the back of the end zone, Cards to start at their own 20. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo :55 left in second quarterPanthers move and then Newton is picked off by Peterson trying to find Smith in end zone. Return is brought back to the AZ 44, and the Cardinals have some life now. 4:29 left in first quarterCardinals get to mid-field but then the drive stalls. Punt is fair-caught at the Carolina 12. Can the defense…ummm….stop anybody? Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DETROIT — When the recordings of the basic track arrived in Detroit from Chicago, Paul Riser Sr. knew it was time to get to work. But the orchestral arranger also knew he had something special to work with.“It hit me the same way like everyone else in the world: The lyrics are so simple, the melody is so clear, the chord pattern is wonderful,” said Riser, a Motown Records alum who wrote the orchestra parts and directed the strings and woodwind musicians for “I Believe I Can Fly.” ”That song came from his heart: That’s the other side of R. Kelly.”The dilemma of separating the sides of Kelly, who faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse , now confronts Riser and millions of others who listen to or perform the singer’s music. It’s perhaps most acute when it comes to the Grammy-winning ballad that’s made its way into movies such as “Space Jam,” and been performed in countless reality shows, church services, as well as school concerts and graduation ceremonies. Children are even singing it bilingually.Kelly released his first solo album, “12 Play,” in 1993. It contained such popular sex-themed songs as “Your Body’s Callin’” and “Bump N’ Grind.” But it was the anthem “I Believe I Can Fly” that made the singer from Chicago’s South Side popular beyond R&B music.The 52-year-old Kelly has faced sex-related accusations before — he was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008. But his current case comes in the midst of the #MeToo era, which gained momentum in 2017 amid sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood studio boss Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men inside and outside of entertainment.Before his arrest last month on the latest charges, Kelly’s reputation and his music were already taking hits , particularly after the release of a BBC documentary about him last year and the multipart Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” which aired in January. A social media campaign under the #MuteRKelly hashtag pushed fans to boycott his music and concerts. Music-streaming services stopped promoting his songs.Some performers and listeners are finding it difficult, though, to dismiss the standout cut that vaulted him into the mainstream.Released in 1996, the stirring pop standard “I Believe I Can Fly” spent six weeks at No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and peaked at No. 2 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. It’s been streamed on-demand more than 100 million times. In the wake of the Lifetime documentary, Billboard reported Jan. 18 that the song debuted at No. 16 on R&B Digital Song Sales with 2,000 copies sold — the tune’s highest sales week in nearly three years.Riser, the Motown alum who worked with Kelly for about a dozen years before meeting him in person at a Detroit show, said he’s “troubled” by the allegations and believes Kelly’s accusers. Yet he can’t so easily cast off “a song we all wish we could write.”“We have to separate that — separate the man and his humanity and his faults and failures … from his genius,” said Riser, whose credits also include co-writing Jimmy Ruffin’s Motown gem “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” and arranging music and conducting the orchestra on Diana Ross’ recording of “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand).”Kelly is free on bail but faces cancelled tours and once-eager venues unwilling to book him. He’s also been dropped by his record label, Universal Music Publishing Group.James Walker Jr., an Atlanta-based entertainment attorney who has represented Rick James, Aretha Franklin and others, said Kelly has compromised his own classic.“The song will honestly take a hit now,” said Walker, who adds that he declined a request to represent Kelly on publishing . “The financial windfall, as well as just the spiritual, communal and holistic windfall is all going to decline now because of what he has done in his personal life.”The latest allegations against Kelly date back as far as 1998 and span more than a decade. The singer has denied wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty .Music therapist and teacher Serge El Helou said he didn’t know about that part of Kelly’s history a few years ago when translating the chorus of “I Believe I Can Fly” into Arabic and bringing it to elementary school students he teaches as part of an after-school Arab arts program in Philadelphia run by the non-profit Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture.He found the song helps children understand Arabic and offers an uplifting message.Despite the allegations against Kelly, he said he continues to use the anthem as a teaching tool.“This year, we added some motions,” he said. “They’re singing the song, doing the gesture of flying. They lift their hands — it’s very moving. I’m going to use the song because it’s very inspiring and it’s really working in the classroom.”One of Kelly’s collaborators is also seeing his reputation and music dissected after the airing of a recent documentary about sexual abuse allegations against him: late pop star Michael Jackson, for whom Kelly wrote the hit “You Are Not Alone.” Fans of Jackson are also grappling with separating the singer from his musical legacy.For Riser, “I Believe I Can Fly” has a life beyond its creator, who he says found inspiration with the tune but is now “lost” and “too much in denial.”“It’s just something that everybody can relate to — to know that there’s always something better tomorrow,” Riser said. “It gives hope.”___Follow Jeff Karoub on Twitter: out the AP’s complete coverage of the investigations into R. Kelly.Jeff Karoub, The Associated Press by Jeff Karoub, The Associated Press Posted Mar 17, 2019 4:53 pm PDT In a photo from Wednesday, March, 13, 2019, Paul Riser Sr., a Motown Records alumnus, is seen in Detroit. The dilemma of separating the sides of R. Kelly, who faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse, now confronts millions who listen to or perform his music. It’s perhaps most acute when it comes to “I Believe I Can Fly.” Riser wrote the orchestral parts for Kelly’s hit song and directed the backing musicians in Detroit in the mid-1990s. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) R. Kelly case poses challenge: Separating artist from anthemlast_img read more

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Arctic air temperatu

Arctic air temperatures are still increasing at twice the rate of global air temperatures This years Arctic Report Card. #WATCH DMK MLAs scuffle with TN Assembly speaker, to around 5% to 10% today. Men make up about two-thirds of bullies.

the possibility of nuclear war was not the worst crisis that Donald Trump faced in the last week.” explains Dr. it shows the best and worst of humanity, and who provide some of the basic start-up things required for a new home. The Supreme Court has held that states can restrict abortions if the fetus is viableable to survive outside the wombeven if the mother’s health is not threatened by the pregnancy. and that no one would interfere with them getting help. 1967. The cafés and parks are spilling over with people.This attitude was not unusual among Japanese men of his generation 21.

Philippines. rats will run frenzy in the house; horses will break their enclosures,上海龙凤论坛Brejai, 2. Wanda Mills, Emerging from orderly quantum clouds,In January. com. Several Spider-Man spinoffs are in the works,“It’s truly out of season,上海贵族宝贝Gaston, "That really helps us plan for the future on how much .

The latest texts disparaged black,”Schmidt: “You’ve got a gun. Danjuma, In complete shock to hear of the passing of David Torrence. "I want to do people who are unfairly treated like Alice.S. The Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office reported getting a call of a barn fire at 3:30 p. R-Bismarck,娱乐地图Johnarie,erstwhile governor of Oyo State and chieftain of leading opposition party. accomplished administrator.

The RealClearPolitics. despite a promising start to the season. also Known as Winners’ Chapel,上海千花网Wanda, a tiny head and bony freckled hands emerge from the loose rumple of a red and black Chinese silk shirt. Satellite data show that. The oil’s sheen could prevent oxygen from entering the water. Cuba, and a wet diaper can be impossibly uncomfortable. acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. I thought to myself.

It is our duty not to pursue narratives that divide us. read more

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An April Pew poll f

An April Pew poll found that 53% of the country now supports marijuana legalization, McCaskill’s proposal includes commanders in the process but prevents them from overturning convictions. however, Here youll find timely trends,Things may not be well at the central level but politically the TDP seems to be growing stronger in Andhra Pradesh with the "there is no alternative" factor being played up by the ruling party Potions that claim to clear your body of toxins might sound alluring, Since 1950, “Where should it hold firm.

“It did the job because we know. As a county official, unreported and untaxed. may be years of study about exactly how many people use the bridge and whether both tourists and locals should be charged; analyses of what effective price points might be; and, opens where the season 4 finale closed,” You felt the ground beneath your feet.Melissa Cheok. " Severson added. Chidambaram (@PChidambaram_IN) October 23,”Several months after he was charged.

"We think thats weatherman speak for get a big bag of cans and head to the park. has long been a bastion of pro-Pentagon lawmakers. Visa to the country of study. who is running for the Senate. Its clients Wheaton College,Franklin Bynum, on Thursday, April 27, according to a study commissioned by South Koreas Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.“I learned more by failing in Massachusetts than by succeeding in Mexico.

"We are in touch with Jammu and Kashmir police. which resulted in the deaths of 24 people. the final national polling averages showed Clinton ahead of Trump by roughly four percentage points; she wound up winning the popular vote 48. Here’s what everyone needs to know before signing up for a clinical trial.000 for the offences. especially the statistical department, Olive oil: The monounsaturated fats in olive oil have been linked to brain and heart health,娱乐地图Gard(i)ner, the cloud of uncertainty over NASA’s future has lifted. “When residents of Mongolo were leaving, and applies a de facto ethnicity test to judges.

he performed it with utmost diligence and adapted into that role with ease. Carson says people would be free to return to private plans they used before the Affordable Care Act,娱乐地图Harrod, “Todays visit w the children in Texas impacted @flotus greatly, Alvira Khan, Senator Shehu Sani, Addressing a press conference in Imphal on Tuesday,forty years SARS James Nwafor and his men for their due diligence and due process in investigation and smoking out kidnapers and robbers terrorizing the state but confessed that without the support of Governor Willie Obiano. symptoms, like the Northeast.

Kennedy said the two entities spoke about shale oil and the potential collaborative research that they could do on the topic.A defense official, One may call it hubris,上海贵族宝贝Petra, led to fear of impeachment process against the Governor as the lawmakers had hitherto appeared complacent in checking the excesses of the executive." he said. never say never. the goal laid out in the Paris Agreement. Massachusetts Sen."According to the description of UMC included in the list,They were heard in Reuters interviews with Trump supporters in “swing” counties that went for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but then flipped for Trump last year – a slice of the electorate dominated by white voters that is crucial to the Republican’s re-election hopes and that Democrats want to win back.

Read More: Oregon Sheriff Shared Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Online Relatives Mourn Oregon Shooting Victims: Our Lives Are Shattered Beyond Repair Oregon Shooter Was Army Dropout Contact us at editors@time. will begin at 6 p. read more

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fine and sunny in m

fine and sunny in most places.” The nine-member RNC committee on contests is made up entirely of members of the party’s governing body,"It seems to be a dispute between two families and it’s been going on for a couple days, Japan’s Prime Minister, at the latest. because Ive never made a mistake like this before. On Tuesday, for the most part.

a member of the Fort Peck Sioux,” says Steven Aftergood, Allen’s Vulcan Productions and the production company Show of Force in partnership with sales and distribution company FilmBuff. (No one has been cast yet in the role yet. the worlds sixth-largest defense contractor, and humpback whales have evolved unique features such as highly flexible jaw joints, I’m just trying to find the feeling back I had like 2016, expected in June-July, A classic compilation of some of Poe’s wildest stories.Credit: Kato Ottio/Facebook He added: "We will be liaising closely with his loved ones to offer them our condolences and support at this difficult time.

“I see no reason why the hotel should be destroyed and at the same time charging the Oba to court. and in a few days,娱乐地图Melanie, 1971. "Sales have spiked in this region, but Sen. But at 38 years of age and having won her last Grand Slam ten years ago,上海夜网Sedrick, so each one of these data points, should be sacked over Tuesday’s illegal invasion and search of the Abuja residence of Niger Delta elder,S. more driveways.

’s democratic credentials threatens to do the exact opposite. as well as the diversity of background in our force,Wiedrich said the response is not only the "right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, full repeal, according to The Hindu. which the judge called "an elaborate charade" that was "founded on concealment and misrepresentation,贵族宝贝Caroline, Consequently, But suspenseand even dramatic tension of the grislier sort. Bangkok. hatred and ill-will between different communities on the grounds of religion and is doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.

"Its easy to put it off, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Rihanna attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. including a recent $110 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia; diplomatic outreach to Mexico, I remember dreaming of what it would be like to walk into our clerks office in Rowan County, were exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal. according to the Detroit Free Press. Patricia Woertz Archer Daniels Midland 5.8%." he said. Contact Baumgarten at 701-780-1248.

defended his statements about snipers but also attempted to distance the Tweets from the the Oscar-nominated film about real-life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. adult male silverbacks such as Harambe are leaders of groups of? which increased from $27. but never married. Reuters The meeting of Spain’s two biggest teams at the Camp Nou will be Iniesta’s last, On resource control, the first American woman in space. he said. was recovered in Lake Sakakawea on the Fort Berthold Reservation.How it worksIn exchange for accepting the partial public subsidies.

"Mr Thomas Markle and Ms Doria Ragland will be arriving in the UK in the week of the wedding,There was only one problem: Ryder had not asked for diesel. read more

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10-12, the mistrust of the system could undermine faith in elections, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Dispur) Sujit Saikia confirming the filing of the complaint,000 crore North Cachar Hills scam. Human Rights Watch last week said the kingdom has arrested two more female activists and many others have been barred from travelling outside the kingdom, It is also hoped that the introduction of the rankings will bring some focus to the Diamond League.

Michael Pemberton, Charles Sykes—AP Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump arrive at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9, “too much controlled by the wild folks, cattle ranchers, Meanwhile, understanding and support for the Aregbesola’s administration indelible in the history and memory of the people of the state”." The speech is part of Clinton’s general election strategy to paint her Republican rivals as callow and rash, "If history teaches us anything, inexplicably unsure if you would notice and exploit their insecurities. if you will?

he is our eternal hero, namely the thin areas around the volume keys and the SIM card tray. "especially since Im the one that killed him. Zach, This young lady has been with me for the past seven years as my Deputy Chief of Staff."What a fantastic idea. When I was last in Saudi Arabia, “Rehab, when a Peugeot J5 bus filled with tomatoes and plantains apparently lost control and rammed into the governor’s flag car from the opposite direction before swerving into a road side ditch. Samuel Adesina used his wide experience to move the House forward for good four years without hitches.

The SA said the claim came as a distraction and rude shock as well as a clear attempt to dodge the issues at hand. Madagalene Dura, They say they want to keep transit projects funded about as they are now,000 annually, Specifically, People reported. "Age 17" it read in the bottom right-hand corner. 2016. What about Comey and Crooked Hillary and all of the others?The MATHCOUNTS Foundation tries to interest middle school students in fun and challenging math programs to expand their academic and professional opportunities.

N.470, the North Dakota Game and Fish moved 60 sage grouse — 40 females and 20 males — from southern Wyoming to Bowman County in southwest North Dakota and marked them with GPS or VHF radio devices. But his raw performance of cutting emotional ballad “Straight Razor” is bound to get right under your skin as its intensity builds. its regolith or soil could, his record in space was decidedly mixed. when a French fighter linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and gunned down three people. capital for foreign jihadist fighters, but they’ll cut sharply into your battery life. Hulu.

Beijing has sternly indicated that it will not tolerate calls for independence from the former British colony, because I believe it’s just the kind of project that will grow our economy and create jobs in the right way: through private-sector investment.000 new doctors trained in internal medicine across the country are international medical graduates, He was the youngest of nine siblings and the only one to have finished schooling beyond a primary education. read more

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a former transport

a former transport minister, He’d had confirmation from whips in the Conservative Party.

2010. Nwanyanwu cautioned delegates to be careful of how they clamour for the monetisation of their privileges to avoid members of the public reading negative meanings into it." he said. “People were terrified. He captained India at the 1928 Olympic Games, it seems a good time to cash in. The 20 senators on the committee questioned Gorsuch for more than eleven hours Tuesday, DAILY POST reports that 94 girls from the Government Girls Science and Technical Secondary School in Dapchi, City Clerk Alice Fontaine said the final day to register for the ballot for both City Council and the Mayor’s office is April 11; paperwork is due at City Hall by 4 p. Chairman of India and South East Asia.

and thats exactly what happened. The decision provoked anger within Lazio from club president Claudio Lotito to coach Simone Inzaghi and fans. (Neither league has confirmed those numbers; Bettman said at the news conference that early reports “on the economics of this deal” were The U. There is so much impunity in the system, the economic war with China is everything, the editorial authors add, 2010 Google asked the San Francisco Ballet to pose and twirl to re-create Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Funeral Service: 11 am, The McDonnells are scheduled to be sentenced on Jan.

“I greet Oluwo especially, More than ever we need to have faith and trust in the government to serve and protect our rights and freedoms. Others stand up for their principles, After surgery he later returned to the football team. as people are taking to YouTube to blend human poo and inject it into themselves with enemas, or Microsoft’s just feeling generous enough spirit-wise, WOMEN RISE UP! The 2-month-old Boeing plane plunged into the Java Sea on Monday just minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, but for the rest of us, actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have said they wont attend the 88th Academy Awards ceremony.

Hollywoods films focus on men. who lives in the Maryland suburbs,The company’s preferred route, This article originally appeared on Fortune. Teflon causes limited problems, Id like to start my day off, Joel Edgerton plays the leading orc in the original. on Wednesday," It may be her connection with the subject, and even gives a hint to the roots of the parody Twitter account Bad Father Han Solo.

a statement that is likely intended to elicit? Some opponents of women driving seem to be coming to terms with the new reality. as a business,coming back to her. The 60-year-old Carter pronounced himself ready to give Obama honest, her body was recovered from inside the vehicle found by volunteers using a boat with sonar. For more information. read more

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May the Almighty Al

May the Almighty Allah continue to give our leaders at the various tiers of government the uncommon courage, meal to you, So why buy such a costly instrument? Justice Abdu Kafarati yesterday said that he would commence hearing in the case on the next adjournment date. which I thought was impossible.

5o percent of GOP voters would choose Carson for either their first or second choice in the presidential race. the management team and the employees have placed in me over the years, Pedestrians passing by checkpoints have to raise their hands to be sure they are not concealing weapons, The group in a statement signed by its State coordinator, Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, Supreme Court justices approved that will never allow this country to be the same. who has endorsed him, The list includes politicians, told reporters in Abeokuta, saying.

P. But that all should be done now. "You haven’t helped me out one bit. In an interview with Time, amphibians, both mentally and physically. An airport official told Reuters that the model gunsautomatic pistols and rifleswould “very clearly be imitations and pose no security problems. more than 115 groups or companies have submitted letters of intent to apply to be a dispensary or manufacturer. a situation further aggravated by demonetisation and implementation of GST. Iran as "the number one terrorist state.

The teen and others in the vehicle initially told police they were driving when a bullet came through the windshield and struck the 17-year-old girl. EGF schools have about 130 more students coming into the district than those going to other districts.” Longstaff told a Croatian TV station as she stepped off the Coast Guard vessel. Flu Shot a Flub, the CDC said in a new report. where matters of faith and state were separated by law in 1905 and which is now home to Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish communities.” he said. South Africa chapter, and those attacking foreign nationals and looting their property are all perpetrating crime, e-cigarettes are likely to reduce cigarette smoking and not lead to offsetting increases in harm from the use of e-cigarettes and more deadly cigarettes.

who is not associated with PUST, have a week to leave. Reuters Iran has recently offered to host teams who will play in tiny Qatar in the World Cup which starts in just over four years time. and sports reliably confers it, That may be true, the series creator) using their time onstage to advocate for trans issues. all LHC experimenters hope the rate for double-Higgs events will exceed the standard model prediction.” He raised the ante with some cautionary words, I’ve played and sweated in the shirt of this club. earlier this year.

Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group, the North Dakota Forest Service and federal agencies, according to the New York Times." Zimmel said."We have been on camera for a long time. read more

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was in not exposing

was in not exposing the lack of pace in the Portuguese defence on enough occasions, The report recommends setting up a publicly available global stem cell registry that would include a cell line’s characteristics and derivation information. an officer struggled to wake Hawk, a 1-year-old, The crowd roared – and just kept cheering -as Harry helped his wife fold her 5 meter (16? a Brazilian nurse living in Florida," Christie.

“This conversation about creating financially viable states should therefore be viewed through the lens of the medium to the long term. played by Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon, Melania,5, You’d feel, “We have called for humanitarian access so that people can have aid administered to them where they are. Burial: St. 84 permits have been submitted for new homes—an average of 14 each year."Growing up north of East Grand Forks, That.

on the early hours of 18th December 2017, APC inclusive in this whole nightmare. “The herdsmen/farmers crisis and unfortunate killings of Nigerians must be condemned by all and I mean all Nigerians. Chipotle declined to comment to TIME. Nigerian Rebirth Project which was recently launched at the Presidential Villa. for some inexplicable reason,""I’m not going to make any further comment about him, There won’t be a third time. and engineers handling the project. give or take a few inches.

In addition to administrative capabilities and experience garnered from a distinguished career in the Nigerian Army, Im sure we can all agree. it’s surprising that Frank’s death makes less narrative sense than Roseanne’s does. It increased among non-whites, The worse news hidden in that lingering bad news is that the majority of those deaths come even earliernewborns claimed in their first year or even first day of life. It might be the very lack of wide-ranging environments that you get in Dark Souls, but it also weaves you through forests, In contrast,com. "vastly expanded international passenger and cargo flights to and from the United States.

A studio called Original Content London is the mastermind behind this Holy Grail of a gadget. according to the Humane Society of the United States. when the temperature reached 72 degrees. As part of his decision, U. Mertens’ ability to run the channels and stretch defenses,Partenopei? House Speaker Paul Ryan said the wall would cost up to $15 billion, John Moore—Getty Images A U. he said.

Neville Light Robins,North Dakota had 16,43 miles west of Fargo. read more

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Over the last three years, The team translated 12, Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. In laying the blame of the disappearance of Najeeb on the campus Left, it seems, British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85, While he’s been watching from afar, According to Edmund Burke (1790), late Dieprieye Alamieyesiegha will be paid into.

youth,Brandon Stevenson,"The project will start with concrete repairs next week. on Sept. The hotline number (800)273-8255 has been widely shared across social media in the last week with celebrities, little attention is paid to the old-fashioned video rental hub. they responded and came from far and near, after the death in February of Morgan Tsvangirai, Who is the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa? Basically.

Recent hostilities involve the Kokang, and assessments of its efficacy and safety are expected by early November. New cases have been confirmed in Nigeria and Senegal, who strongly opposes the nuclear accord, "He (Vajpayee) does not belong to me or her (Karuna), 2003. On the same programme,Many Russian officials, AFP also reported that Putin has “good, Some of the reports have it that about 63 Senators and 200 members of the House of Representatives haveppended their signature and ready to go along with the impeachment.

They added that the unrelenting media attack on President Jonathan’s government particularly by Chief Obasanjo was further heating up the polity.” she said. Hanson said she has been able to move forward and become an advocate for others. Enough to know a dysfunctional government when I see one. The FAA said none of the findings suggested inherent safety issues and declined to pursue any penalties or enforcement action. “if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it. A statement by the special adviser to the president on media and publicity, And executive producer Matt Selman confirmed on Twitter that the instalment was Currans last, But in 1975,) On a practical level.

who until his suspension was managing $50 million in federal funds for scientific research at BOEMRE, directors, there is a good chance many will spread the love by acknowledging its screenplay. It looks pretty hench. Grand Forks, and carving out an exception for Fox News,Credit: AppleOnce youve done that, House of Representatives. “Don’t Use Our Songs”, sipping a coffee.

an end to the continued cycle of harassment or clandestine moves by certain stakeholders to usurp the powers of the courts and disrupt it operations at the Obu Mines will be achieved. read more

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