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Support A Belle, Love A Belle week begins at SMC

first_imgSara Shoemake In order to raise awareness of mental health issues, such as ADD/ADHD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and addiction, Saint Mary’s will host a series of events throughout the week deemed “Support A Belle, Love A Belle (SABLAB).” The week is sponsored by the Saint Mary’s community in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Irish State of Mind week.Senior and co-chair of the student government association’s (SGA) social concerns committee Chloe Deranek said this year’s theme is hope, a result of the committee’s finding that in most cases of mental health the factor that pushes people toward suicide is feelings of hopelessness. “Throughout our week, we will be promoting hope with the hashtag #BellesForHope and trying our very best to show each and every Belle that everyone here supports and loves her, and maybe that fact can bring her hope,” Deranek said. “This year’s SABLAB is a little different in that we are trying to branch out more and cover not only mental health, but sexual violence, through collaborations with BAVO [Belles Against Violence Office], and other mental issues like addiction and ADD/ADHD.”Deranek said the main goals of the week are to spread awareness and statistics about mental health issues, to combat stigmas, to show the students the available resources for mental health and to bring the College’s community together to act as a symbol of support and love.Kaitlyn Tarullo, a senior and co-chair of SGA’s social concerns committee, said the week kicked off Sunday evening with a movie event called “Sundaes on Sunday,” a common gathering hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB). Attendees watched “Silver Linings Playbook,” which Tarullo said was an excellent choice in beginning an ongoing conversation about mental health for the rest of the week.For Monday’s event the SABLAB committee planned glowstick Zumba on the Library Green, an activity where students will wear glow stick necklaces and bracelets as they come together for a healthy, stress-relieving work-out, Tarullo said.Tuesday’s event is a student panel called “Share Your Story,” where eight students will recall their own present and past struggles with mental health, Deranek said.“[The student panel] is a very important event to us,” she said. “We really feel that it helps to de-stigmatize mental health by putting a face to the issue, and it also shows girls that they are not alone in their suffering – that things can get better, for support, love and help are always here for them.” On Wednesday at 7 p.m., students will gather to decorate paper bag votives in Reignbeaux Lounge, and they will then line the lanterns down The Avenue as they walk to the Grotto for a healing mass.“The lanterns will be made to represent those who suffer from mental health in college and will be a powerful visual of the loss that can occur,” Deranek said. “The walk to the Grotto will also serve as a sign of the community that we have here supporting our Belles.”Thursday will include a lecture given by Tom Seeberg, the father of the late Lizzy Seeberg and former Saint Mary’s student, titled “Believe: Giving Witness to Hope,” Tarullo said.“While the student panel holds a special place in my heart, I am extremely excited for Tom Seeberg to speak to our students about his journey after the mental health struggles of his daughter, Lizzy,” Tarullo said. “Lizzy continues to be a large inspiration behind the events of SABLAB and reminds us how real these issues are on college campuses, especially our own. “As the theme of our week is centered around hope, Mr. Seeberg is a great source of how important hope is in persevering through mental illnesses.”Deranek agreed, saying she and the rest of the social concerns committee are honored Tom Seeberg accepted their invitation to speak, as he has a powerful message to share with the community.Other events taking place throughout the week include daily tables set up in the Noble Family Dining Hall during lunch. The tables will list statistics and define the mental health issues of ADD/ADHD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and addiction, Deranek said.BAVO will also host a lunch discussion about advocation against sexual assault, she said.“This is important to us because as BAVO says, ‘one is too many,’” Deranek said. “No one should have to cope with sexual assault, and we wholeheartedly support advocation for talking about ways to prevent this as well as what to do in the aftermath. We will specifically focus the discussion on how to recognize that something may have happened to a friend and how to be a source for her.”Tarullo said the preparation for this week started in June, and her committee members each have personal motives for helping the cause. In collaboration with all the Belles involved and the Notre Dame “Irish State of Mind” events, she said she knows the week will be a great success.“This week provides many outlets for girls who experience these issues in their own individual way, and I hope this week inspires hope to all who need it most,” Tarullo said.Tags: love a belle, Mental health, mental health awareness, mental health issues, SABLAB, support a belle, support a belle love a bellelast_img read more

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Men’s golf finishes in fourth

first_imgThe USC men’s golf team closed out its fall season Wednesday with a disappointing third round at the Gifford Collegiate Championship in San Martin, Calif.It’s in the hole · USC junior Steven Lim finished in 26th place at the Gifford Collegiate Championship in San Martin, Calif. Lim started off strong, shooting one-over-par 72 his first two rounds to move up to ninth place, but he finished with an eight-over-par 79 in difficult conditions on Wednesday. – Photo courtesy of USC Sports Information Despite finding success during their second round of play and putting themselves in a position to battle for the top spot, the Trojan’s third-round play dropped them from third place into fourth. The difficult tournament course, CordeValle Golf Club, and high winds in the first and third rounds worked against the Trojans.The team hit for a collective 39-over-par 1104 (378, 351, 375) to tie for fourth place. This score left them five strokes back from Northwestern, 17 strokes back from Stanford and 30 strokes back from the tournament champion UCLA. Also competing were Washington, Oregon, San Diego, Oklahoma, Arizona, Lamar, Long Beach State and Augusta State.The top individual golfer for the Trojans was sophomore Martin Trainer, who tied for a career-best seventh place. He was the team’s only top-10 finisher of the tournament. Trainer hit for a one-over-par 72 in the third round, giving him a final score of two-over-par 215 (73, 70, 72). Trainer played well, matching bogeys with birdies (three of each) until his final hole, which he bogeyed to go one stroke above par.Trainer said he was thrilled with his performance.“I’m very happy about my finish. I really needed some evidence that I was making steps in the right direction and I think this is it,” Trainer said.Next for the Trojans was freshman Ramsey Sahyoun, who finished in a tie for 18th place — also a career best. This was his second appearance for the Trojans. Sahyoun hit a one-over-par 72 in the third round, which left him at a seven-over-par 220 (79, 69, 72) on the tournament. In his final round, Sahyoun hit a double bogey, five bogeys and six birdies.Sophomore T.J Vogel finished third for the Trojans, posting a four-over-par 75 on the final day to finish in a tie for 20th place with a eight-over-par 221 on the tournament (75, 71, 75). Vogel hit a double bogey, four bogeys and two birdies Wednesday, a performance that dropped him from 13th place to 20th.Fourth for the Trojans was junior Steve Lim, who tied for 26th place. Lim finished with a 10-over-par 223 (72, 72, 79) following the first two rounds where he hit an impressive one-over-par 72. Lim had a disappointing eight-over-par 79 in the third to fall from ninth to 26th place. Lim hit a double bogey, nine bogeys and three birdies in his final round.Freshman Jeffrey Kang finished fifth for the team, with a 12-over-par 225 (79, 69, 77) that put him in a tie for 38th place. Despite a promising second round, Kang hit seven bogeys and just one birdie in his third round for a six-over-par 77.The final member of the Trojan squad was senior Bo DeHuff, who finished the tournament with a 24-over-par 237 (79, 78, 80) for 71st place. In his final round, DeHuff hit three double bogeys, five bogeys and two birdies for a nine-over-par 80.The tournament concluded the fall season for the USC men’s golf team. Despite a disappointing fall season, the team remains optimistic for the months to come.“We struggled a little bit. We still have a young team and we don’t have five guys who can consistently play well yet, but I think that will develop over the few months,” Trainer said. “I can guarantee that this team is going to be really strong by the end of the year when the national championships come around.”The Trojans’ next tournament is the Mauna Lani Invitational in Kohala Coast, Hawaii, which will begin Feb. 2.last_img read more

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