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Support A Belle, Love A Belle week begins at SMC

first_imgSara Shoemake In order to raise awareness of mental health issues, such as ADD/ADHD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and addiction, Saint Mary’s will host a series of events throughout the week deemed “Support A Belle, Love A Belle (SABLAB).” The week is sponsored by the Saint Mary’s community in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Irish State of Mind week.Senior and co-chair of the student government association’s (SGA) social concerns committee Chloe Deranek said this year’s theme is hope, a result of the committee’s finding that in most cases of mental health the factor that pushes people toward suicide is feelings of hopelessness. “Throughout our week, we will be promoting hope with the hashtag #BellesForHope and trying our very best to show each and every Belle that everyone here supports and loves her, and maybe that fact can bring her hope,” Deranek said. “This year’s SABLAB is a little different in that we are trying to branch out more and cover not only mental health, but sexual violence, through collaborations with BAVO [Belles Against Violence Office], and other mental issues like addiction and ADD/ADHD.”Deranek said the main goals of the week are to spread awareness and statistics about mental health issues, to combat stigmas, to show the students the available resources for mental health and to bring the College’s community together to act as a symbol of support and love.Kaitlyn Tarullo, a senior and co-chair of SGA’s social concerns committee, said the week kicked off Sunday evening with a movie event called “Sundaes on Sunday,” a common gathering hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB). Attendees watched “Silver Linings Playbook,” which Tarullo said was an excellent choice in beginning an ongoing conversation about mental health for the rest of the week.For Monday’s event the SABLAB committee planned glowstick Zumba on the Library Green, an activity where students will wear glow stick necklaces and bracelets as they come together for a healthy, stress-relieving work-out, Tarullo said.Tuesday’s event is a student panel called “Share Your Story,” where eight students will recall their own present and past struggles with mental health, Deranek said.“[The student panel] is a very important event to us,” she said. “We really feel that it helps to de-stigmatize mental health by putting a face to the issue, and it also shows girls that they are not alone in their suffering – that things can get better, for support, love and help are always here for them.” On Wednesday at 7 p.m., students will gather to decorate paper bag votives in Reignbeaux Lounge, and they will then line the lanterns down The Avenue as they walk to the Grotto for a healing mass.“The lanterns will be made to represent those who suffer from mental health in college and will be a powerful visual of the loss that can occur,” Deranek said. “The walk to the Grotto will also serve as a sign of the community that we have here supporting our Belles.”Thursday will include a lecture given by Tom Seeberg, the father of the late Lizzy Seeberg and former Saint Mary’s student, titled “Believe: Giving Witness to Hope,” Tarullo said.“While the student panel holds a special place in my heart, I am extremely excited for Tom Seeberg to speak to our students about his journey after the mental health struggles of his daughter, Lizzy,” Tarullo said. “Lizzy continues to be a large inspiration behind the events of SABLAB and reminds us how real these issues are on college campuses, especially our own. “As the theme of our week is centered around hope, Mr. Seeberg is a great source of how important hope is in persevering through mental illnesses.”Deranek agreed, saying she and the rest of the social concerns committee are honored Tom Seeberg accepted their invitation to speak, as he has a powerful message to share with the community.Other events taking place throughout the week include daily tables set up in the Noble Family Dining Hall during lunch. The tables will list statistics and define the mental health issues of ADD/ADHD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and addiction, Deranek said.BAVO will also host a lunch discussion about advocation against sexual assault, she said.“This is important to us because as BAVO says, ‘one is too many,’” Deranek said. “No one should have to cope with sexual assault, and we wholeheartedly support advocation for talking about ways to prevent this as well as what to do in the aftermath. We will specifically focus the discussion on how to recognize that something may have happened to a friend and how to be a source for her.”Tarullo said the preparation for this week started in June, and her committee members each have personal motives for helping the cause. In collaboration with all the Belles involved and the Notre Dame “Irish State of Mind” events, she said she knows the week will be a great success.“This week provides many outlets for girls who experience these issues in their own individual way, and I hope this week inspires hope to all who need it most,” Tarullo said.Tags: love a belle, Mental health, mental health awareness, mental health issues, SABLAB, support a belle, support a belle love a bellelast_img read more

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You Asked, I Answered.

first_imgPer my last blog post, I answered 12 of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received since I hit the road full time in May. I ended the post with an open forum for any questions my followers may have about the project, my job, road life, or J-Daddio herself.Thanks to those who responded to the call!Would love to know what kind of modifications you made to your GO? Storage in the inside? Are you using the table that came with it? Running electric to it? Got a plan for when the temp drops other than just bundle up? – Farley– The SylvanSport Go has remained entirely unaltered with the exception of adding my Yakima kayak stacker, HighRoller, and Roadshower to the factory issued crossbars. I always have three weatherproof storage bins (like these) packed in the trailer during transport mode but usually just leave them locked outside when I set up the camper. The trunks side-by-side are as wide as the trailer is, which is nice if it’s really stormy out and I want to bring them inside. Normally, though, those trunks hold items that I don’t use on a day-to-day basis like warm clothes, camping stoves/gear, and my traveling library. Normally, I pack whatever clothing I need for the week into this front-loading 28L Deuter pack.– As far as electricity goes, there is none. As I mentioned in Tuesday’s blog post, I have an external battery jumper that can not only jumpstart my Jeep‘s battery if I need it but can also charge a 400-watt power inverter that can then charge my lap top, camera batteries, etc. I have a couple sets of ENO twilights and a Black Diamond lantern that run off batteries for lighting the Go at night.– As far as staying warm in the wintertime…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. As of right now my plan is to whip out the 15-degree down sleeping bag, don my long underwear, and hope a little flask of whiskey will get me through the night.1. Who set the tour stops, you or BRO?2. How often do you get to stop at home?3. Is the Go yours, or belong to BRO, or on loan?4. Camera of choice? (I’m still searching for the camera I will take on my 2015 A.T. Thru Hike)5. Single? 🙂 Need someone to cook and clean while you’re writing?– Jason Schultz– The project’s schedule is based off a few different things. Physical presences at events and festivals are determined by another member of the BRO team and arranged at the beginning of the year. Aside from that, I typically schedule my stops around the destinations I need to travel to in order to get footage (photo and/or video) to accompany an upcoming article.– If by “home” you mean my parents’ home, I get to see my folks every month usually, pending on my travel schedule. It’s typically just a few days here or there but I always try to make my way north for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.– SylvanSport is one of our main sponsors and gave Blue Ridge Outdoors the Go specifically for the Live Outside and Play project.– I personally work with a Canon Rebel T3i, though if I were to take one on a thru-hike, I might look into smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras like the Nikon AW1 or the Sony A7S.– Single? Yes. Do I need someone to cook and clean while I write? Only if foot rubs, grapes, and palm leaves are in the picture too.The only question I have would be when are you coming to Columbia SC? I know that it is hotter than your average oven here but we do have some pretty sweet mtb trails! Let this serve as the invite! We will show you around. On a unrelated note….. If I stop asking how I can get your job can I apply for chief navigator?? I am really good at calling “shot gun!” And I make a mean cup of coffee….. My resume is attached… – Mike Hahn– Mike! Big fan of Columbia. I was around in the wintertime for the Ice Man Race. Would love to actually race next year. Hopefully the winter weather will send me south. I just got a Specialized hardtail from Adventure Damascus and would love to get out on some SC singletrack!As for the chief navigator, I’d love one, but only if you accept beer and good times as payment.###Cheers everyone! Thanks again for the questions and feel free to continue asking. Promise I don’t bite (mostly).last_img read more

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Update on the latest sports

first_imgCRANS-MONTANA, Switzerland (AP) — Lara Gut-Behrami has won a World Cup downhill race for her first victory in more than two years.The 28-year-old former overall World Cup champion was 0.80 seconds faster than downhill standings leader Corinne Suter on Friday in Switzerland. That give the Swiss team a 1-2 finish. Stephanie Venier of Austria was 0.92 behind in third.American Mikaela Shiffrin still leads the overall World Cup standings despite an extended break from racing after the death of her father.WORLD CUP QUALIFYING-CHINA OUTBREAKChina to play 2022 World Cup qualifiers in neutral Thailand Yeshaneh sets world record in half marathon in Nike shoesRAS AL KHAIMAH, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An Ethiopian runner has set a world record in a women’s half marathon, the latest breakthrough by athletes wearing high-tech Nike shoes.Ababel Yeshaneh won Friday’s event in the United Arab Emirates in 1 hour, 4 minutes, 31 seconds. Her time knocked 20 seconds off the previous record set in 2017.The men’s and women’s records in both the marathon and half marathon since 2018 have all been broken by athletes in Nike shoes. World Athletics cleared athletes to keep using Nike Vaporfly-style shoes last month, but it warned that new shoe technology could threaten the sport’s integrity.The shoes have prompted concerns that athletes sponsored by other companies have no chance of competing in key races, such as the upcoming Olympics. Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditLUGE-TRACK SAFETYUS, others pull out of Luge World Cup, citing safetyUNDATED (AP) — The U.S. has pulled its entire team out of this weekend’s series of World Cup luge races in Winterberg, Germany, while athletes from many nations are protesting what they are calling unsafe ice conditions. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DOCTOR-INVESTIGATIONUniversity of Michigan investigates doctor sex abuse claimsANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — An Olympic wrestler is accusing a University of Michigan doctor of touching him inappropriately during medical exams at the school. Andy Hrovat says the physician’s reputation for such conduct was well known among his teammates in the 1990s. Hrovat competed for the U.S. in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He tells The Associated Press that the encounters with the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson happened during his freshman year in 1998. ‘Hrovat is the first athlete to make public accusations against Anderson following complaints this week from other former students that the doctor sexually abused them decades ago. February 21, 2020center_img Update on the latest sports ZURICH (AP) — World soccer’s governing body says China will play two World Cup qualifying games next month in neutral Thailand because of the virus outbreak in China.China was to host the Maldives on March 26 and travel to face Guam, a U.S. territory, five days later.FIFA (FEE’-fuh) says both games will now be played at Buriram, Thailand. Spectators will likely be barred from entering the stadium.China is scheduled to host the Philippines and Syria in June, but many sports matches and competitions have been canceled, postponed or moved from China since the virus emerged in Wuhan late last year.HALF MARATHON-WORLD RECORD Austria has also withdrawn its entire team from the weekend events and even several sliders from Germany — on home ice, no less — have said they are not willing to race this weekend. The International Luge Federation offered a compromise of sorts Friday by saying it would shorten the race distance, but even that did not solve the intense disagreement between sliders and officials over the safety issue.Sliders from many nations have said there is too much ice buildup on certain curves, which significantly increases the chance of crashing.Training this weekend in Winterberg has been marred by several crashes and even some injuries to top sliders.WORLD CUP-WOMEN’S DOWNHILLGut-Behrami ends 2-year wait for win in a World Cup downhill SOCCER-EQUAL PAYAmerican women seek more than $66M in damages from US SoccerUNDATED (AP) — Players on the U.S. women’s national soccer team are seeking more than $66 million in damages as part of their gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation.The damages were revealed in a slew of court papers filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles ahead of a scheduled May trial. The women’s national team sued the federation last year alleging unequal pay and treatment than players on the men’s national team.Among the dozens of documents were the separate collective bargaining agreements of the U.S. men’s and women’s teams. The collective bargaining agreements showed a disparity in bonuses but also highlighted the different pay structures between the two teams.last_img read more

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