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Siblings arrested after bringing loaded gun to school

first_imgTwo brothers are now facing felony charges after officials say one of them brought a loaded gun onto a school campus.The incident was first reported on October 1st at Miami Palmetto Senior High School.Authorities say they were notified by the school after another student told officials that one of the brothers, Joshua Mizelle, brought a gun to school.When authorities questioned Joshua, the teen told them that he did not have a weapon on him and allowed officers to search his vehicle in the student parking lot.During the search, officials reported that they found not only a loaded handgun, but brass knuckles and two knives inside of the vehicle.At that point, Joshua was taken into custody.Authorities, however, returned to the school to take his brother Jonathan, into custody after they were informed that the brothers arrived to the school in the same vehicle.It was later determined that Jonathan was the brother responsible for bringing the weapons onto school property.During a court hearing on Friday, an attorney for Joshua told the judge that Joshua has never been in trouble with the law before this and the charges may affect his athletic career and scholarship:“What I just want to let the court know, not only has he never been in trouble before, he’s a star athlete. He has a scholarship, which unfortunately, is in jeopardy because of this thing. His whole career and his scholarship is in jeopardy.”Despite the words of the attorney, the judge reportedly stated that all actions have consequences even if Joshua is an athlete:“Those are consequences,” said Judge Orlando Prescott. “There’s always long-term consequences, good, bad and indifferent and because he’s an athlete [it] doesn’t bear anything with me.”Joshua is scheduled to be released on house arrest while Jonathan will be held in detention.Their next trial is scheduled for December 13th.last_img read more

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