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When Will Twitter Really Go Real Time? And What Will Change When it Does?

first_imgfrederic lardinois A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Related Posts Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Tags:#Trends#twitter#web center_img Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… In its current state, Twitter is a strange mix of real-time features like search and the slow polling mechanism that desktop clients use to grab new messages. As Twitter puts a limit on how many times per hour a client can check for updates, most of the conversations on Twitter are slow and arduous. When Seesmic released its new desktop and web applications last week, however, the company also mentioned that its applications would soon be able to update Twitter streams in real time, including @replies and direct messages. While the Seesmic team was tight-lipped about how exactly they are going to do this (maybe by tapping into Twitter’s Streaming API?), we can’t help but wonder how this will change the dynamics on the service.Twitter as a Chat RoomCurrently, conversations on Twitter are asynchronous and sluggish. If they happened in real-time, however, Twitter would start to look and feel more like an IM client. Even on FriendFeed, which was once seen as a possible Twitter challenger but which never quite got any mainstream traction, conversations now happen in real time. While Twitter is often mentioned as a vehicle for real-time conversations, in reality, conversations on Twitter aren’t happening in real time at all.Once Twitter turns into more of a chatroom, both Twitter’s website and third-party clients will also have to improve the way they display these conversations. Seesmic’s ‘message’ view looks like a step in the right direction. The Seesmic web app features a TweetDeck-like column-based view of your Twitter streams and searches, but it also separates ‘real’ conversations that you participate in from the rest of the application. Other desktop apps like Nambu for the Mac feature rudimentary support for displaying conversation threads, but most clients currently don’t do a very good job at highlighting conversations and mostly look at Twitter as a broadcast medium.Once our streams really start moving on Twitter, we will also need better ways to filter and manage our subscriptions (including better spam filters). Right now, scanning a list of updates is easy, and most clients support search and the ability to create groups, but maybe automatic filtering based on the kind of messages we pay attention to will also help us to manage the information stream. What Do You Think?We will have to see how all of this will play out in the next few months once Seesmic (and others, we assume) will release their updated clients, but we think that this could potentially take Twitter into a completely new direction. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

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Icynene Has a New Foam With a Higher R-Value

first_imgIcynene is now offering a low-density polyurethane foam insulation with a slightly higher R-value, which the company says will help builders meet stricter energy code requirements.The product is called Icynene Classic Plus. The manufacturer says that the two-part spray foam insulation has an R-value of 4 per inch, compared to R-3.7 per inch for its Classic and Classic Max open-cell foam products.Sprayed into a 2×6 wall, the foam would provide a total of R-22 in stud cavities. (Whole-wall R-values would be lower because of thermal bridging at wall studs, headers, and other framing members.) The company’s other low-density polyurethane foams have R-values of 3.7 per inch, meaning that 2×6 wall cavities with these older formulations would have a total R-value of 20.35.The new product that attains R-22 has a high enough R-value to meet the International Code Council’s 2012 energy requirements (explained in a blog by GBA senior editor Martin Holladay). But Icynene said that most states are using the 2009 energy code, which requires R-21 in Climate Zones 7 and 8, and some jurisdictions that have adopted the 2012 requirements have modified it so that it, too, calls for R-21 in wall cavities.“We initially developed the Classic Plus to meet the 2009 code, but have seen other climate zones adopt the R-21 value as well, so we can satisfy all areas in the country that require R-21 (even R-22) in 2×6 wood stud walls,” a company spokesman said by e-mail.Like other open-cell polyurethane foams, Classic Plus is vapor-permeable. But it has slightly higher density than other Icynene open-cell products, 0.7 lb. per cubic foot (pcf) vs. 0.5 pcf. It’s also water-blown, so it has minimal global warming potential, Icynene says.last_img read more

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Why not simultaneous polls in J&K, asks Farooq

first_imgFormer Chief Minister and National Conference president Farooq Abdullah on Monday described the Election Commission of India’s decision to delay Assembly polls as “a major setback for democracy in J&K”.Expressing dismay over the ECI decision of not holding Assembly polls simultaneously with Lok Sabha elections, Dr. Abdullah said, “Postponement of Assembly polls can have serious ramifications across the State. The ones who took this democratically incoherent decision must be up to some mischief, otherwise there is no sound reason. If the situation is conducive for parliamentary elections, what stops them from conducting Assembly elections at the same time?”Dr. Abdullah said the whole theatrics of warmongering following the Pulwama attack was aimed to give the Prime Minister an escape route. “The forthcoming elections are, without any doubt, between the people of India and Narendra Modi. People will no more fall prey to the catchwords of Modi anymore,” he said.He hinted at finalising alliances in a few days.last_img read more

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