When should you call 911 during coronavirus pandemic?

first_imgThrough this pandemic they will be here for the community. “If you feel like there are too many people, keep an eye out for a minute. See if they are actually hanging out for a while because a lot of time it is nothing,” she says. “During the past week people are getting a little cabin fever I guess and things like disputes are picking up a little bit,” said Peak. “Everybody in the community has the uncertainties of the pandemic, and they are interacting with the community all day long and then they have to go home and face those same uncertainties at home,” said Ponticiello. “It’s way you find yourself in an emergency situation that you are not able to solve with the resources that you have at hand and there is a life safety risk,” Ponticiello told 12 News Wednesday. He said this a good time to recognize the work of the 911 dispatch. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – April 12 to 18 is National Public Telecommunications Week. Jess Peak has been a 911 dispatcher in our area for the past year. “I think the most exciting is not knowing what your’e answering when you pick up a phone,” Jess Peak says. Peak said she has seen a decrease in overall calls since the coronavirus pandemic got in full swing but they have seen an increase in a certain area. Broome County Emergency Services Director, Mike Ponticiello, said the appropriate time to call 911 hasn’t changed even with the pandemic. “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter. She said when it comes to calling about social distancing you should wait a minute and keep an eye out before making a call. last_img

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