Zaprešić is richer by 10 guides of heritage interpreters

first_imgThey realized how important it is to include visitors in the story because it can reach their hearts, and because of that experience the visitor will not forget how he felt and what he experienced in the New Palace, said the licensed trainer of the European Association for Heritage Interpretation Ivana Zrilić who held this training and added: “Proud and happy that I had the opportunity to educate a top storytelling master, creative and owner of the Entertainment Laboratory – Dijana Zorić. Vlatka Pehar Matić, the top guide of the Zadar County, awarded by the CNTB, who delighted with the presentation of intangible heritage, and which is usually not recommended for beginners. Then the pearl of the Zaprešić Tourist Board, Lara Purgar Hadžić, such a hard-working, smart, young lady who presents the New Palace with dignity, and baked us Sofia’s kisses. A special costume designer who lives the history of Novi dvori, Lidija Gašpar, who awakened our senses through plants and bouquets. Tourist animator and experienced guide Mihaela Žugec Saračević, who also made the poster, read the poem, and in a humorous way presented the ban and the inspirational one. And finally, a small walking encyclopedia and tourist guide Tanja Mirić, who gave a lot of information in such a short, given time.”Zrilić pointed out and noted that she was especially happy that there were two pensioners in the group, each of whom enriched and gave their contribution in their own way. Licensed trainer of the European Association for Heritage Interpretation Ivana Zrilić, who held this training, pointed out that all participants are very satisfied with the dynamics, pace, practical exercises and experience they had. This 40-hour licensed training was intended for museum guides, nature park staff, tour guides and all those who have the opportunity to personally present the heritage to visitors. Over the course of five days, participants discovered various phenomena, gave them deeper meanings and sought hidden messages, and connected with heritage – all in the spirit of storytelling. The focus is on an experience that the visitor will not forget The first training for certified guides organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Zaprešić and the European Association for Heritage Interpretation Interpret Europe was completed in Zaprešić. “I am extremely pleased that we have launched a training in Zaprešić for guide interpreters, in cooperation with the European Association for the Interpretation of Heritage Interpret Europe, which has not yet been held in the Zagreb County. The response was excellent and most importantly, the participants were extremely satisfied with the acquired knowledge and experience. This is only the first training in a series of activities that we plan to organize within our TZZ academy, and I hope that other trainings will be equally successful.”Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Zaprešić Toni Ganjto. All participants successfully passed the written exam and their interpretive speeches and showed that they have learned the skills of heritage interpretation, adds Zrlić. The last step to the official promotion is the final work that participants must send, so Zaprešić will receive 10 certified guides of heritage interpreters from the association Interpret Europe.last_img

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