Titan Tire and Goodyear Farm Tires again raising money for FFA at FSR

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Again this year, Titan Tire and Goodyear Farm Tires will be having a tire auction at Farm Science Review to benefit the Ohio FFA.The auction will be held in the Titan Booth (95 Conservation Ave.) at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Attached is the list of tires that will be auctioned off, 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Ohio FFA Foundation.  Part #TypeTire SizeDescriptionQtyRetail / List PriceTotal Price1411321ATVAT 25×10-12 3*AT489 X/T TL TITAN2$181.42$362.84245×321ATVAT25X10-12 6AT589 M/T TL TITAN2$195.62$391.24345X306ATVAT25X8-12 6AT589 M/T TL TITAN2$170.82$341.644SBG3D9I-19.5L-15SL/16Titan Dura Life (Stubble Guard)4$452.00$1,808.005SBG366I-11000-15SL/16Titan Dura Life (Stubble Guard)4$503.84$2,015.366SBG315I-111L-15SL/18Titan Dura Life (Stubble Guard)4$509.85$2,039.407SBG327I-112.5L-15SL/20Titan Dura Life (Stubble Guard)4$677.09$2,708.368DRT398F-2M1000-16SL/8DYNA RIB TL GDYR2$344.36$688.729DRT395F-2M11.00-16SL/8DYNA RIB TL GDYR2$455.64$911.281049U3D1SS10-16.5/8ULTIMATE TL SKID STEER TITAN4$406.73$1,626.921149E3D1SS10-16.5/8HD2000 II TL SKID STEER TITAN4$334.93$1,339.721249E3J7SS12-16.5/10HD2000 II TL SKID STEER TITAN4$138.45$553.801349U3J7SS12-16.5/10ULTIMATE TL SKID STEER TITAN4$595.44$2,381.761449U384SS14-17.5/14ULTIMATE TL SKID STEER4$959.92$3,839.681547Q618R-112.4-38/6DURA TORQUE TT4$1,057.98$4,231.921647Q628R-113.6-38/6DURA TORQUE TT4$1,068.78$4,275.121747D874R-115.5-38/8HI TRACTION LUG TT TITAN4$1,100.20$4,400.801847D854R-118.4-34/8HI TRACTION LUG TT TITAN4$1,366.91$5,467.641947D877R-118.4-38/8HI TRACTION LUG TT TITAN4$1,422.49$5,689.96204UT477R-1480/80R38-149A8ULTRA TORQ TL GDYR4$2,093.71$8,374.84214DT442R-480/80R42 – 151A8DYNA TORQUE RADIAL TL GDYR4$2,656.04$10,624.16224DT547R-1480/80R46 – 158A8DYNA TORQUE RADIAL TL GDYR4$3,236.16$12,944.64234TR452R-1W520/85R42 – 157A8SUPER TRACTION TL GDYR4$3,789.21$15,156.84TOTAL VALUE82 $92,174.64last_img

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